Obesity Diet Recipes-Low Fat Low Calorie

A Great Help to Lose Weight

Before you want to lose weight to cook obesity diet recipes-low fat low calorie, you should learn some concept about obesity,such as what is obesity? Causes of obesity,judging what type obesity you are,etc..

What is Obesity? Obesity is not just eating too much, but a chronic disease......

What Cause of Obesity?

Obesity causes by Genes,Unscientific Diet Habit,Too less sport and physical activities,Abnormal hormone secretion,Nerve centre for feeding obstacle,Pressure or emotional eating,Constipation......

How many types of Obesity are there and what are their Symptoms?

According to whether or not cause syndrome,there are Simple Obesity and Secondary Obesity. According to fat distribution,there are Belted Shape obesity,Great Trochanter Shape Obesity,Lower Limbs Obesity,Upper Limbs Obesity,Hip Obesity. According to body shape,there are Pear Shape,Apple Shape. According to body's tissue nutrition, there are Fat hoarding type,Muscle Shape,Edema Shape,Mixed Shape......

Obesity Effect to Health

Persons with obesity feel tired, short of breath, edema, and even unable to live on their own. Obesity shortens life-span,cause female menstrual disorders......

Obesity Prevention

Change to or Keep Reasonable Diet. Sport/out-door activities,Other Methods......

Notes When You Decide to Lose Weight

Unsuitable methods of lose weight do harm to your health.Lose Weight is a matter of persistence,a long work......

Obesity Diet Food

Here we introduce 30 obesity diet foods and herbs. Their functions and why they can help you to lose weight.

Tea, Soybean and soybean foods, Small Red Bean(Adzuki Beans), Mung Bean, Corn, Konjac, White Radish, White Gourd, Cucumber, Tomato, Celery, Leek, Potato, Wheat Bran, Kelp, Black Mushroom, Black Fungus, Bamboo Shoots, clover blossom, Haw, Apple, Food Vinegar, Walnut kernel, Leaf Lotus, Tuckahoe, Tuber Fleeceflower, Gynostemma, Tangerine Peel.

Now, are you ready? Let's start to see what we have for Obesity Diet Recipes-Low Fat Low Calorie.

Rice with Fresh Lotus Leaf Porridge Recipe

Duck with Leaf Lotus Recipe

Stir-fried Beef with Celery Recipe

Millet with Tofu and Celery Porridge Recipe

White Gourd Porridge Recipe

White Gourd with Chicken Soup Recipe

Konjak Millet Porridge Recipe

Haw Rice Porridge Recipe

Black Mushroom with Ham Porridge Recipe

Steamed Black Mushroom with Eggplant Recipe

Oyster Mushroom with Milk Soup Recipe

Black Fungus with Celery Salad Recipe

Black Fungus with Mixed Vegetables

Obesity Diet Menu

Obesity Diet Menu- 1000 Calories Menu

1200 Calorie Diet Plans

1200 Calorie Diet Menu for 7 Days

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