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Chinese Dessert Crisp Cake

Chinese dessert also called Dim sum. According to the material used in recipes, there are rice porridge, crisp cake, bean cake. Red bean is always used to be as stuff. Moon cake is well-known traditional Chinese snack. It dated as early as 1000 years ago.

Usually Chinese people like to eat some fruits, rice porridge or drinks with fruit inside after a meal. While many dim sums are only served as snacks including mooncake. So many cakes are made in food factory. That's the reason why there are not much home made Chinese dessert.

Chinese dessert soup Chinese dessert soup Chinese dessert soup

Beijing keeps some delicate dim sum inheritted from the past Palace for the emperors such as naval bean cake. Shanghai area is good at making good rice cake.Now there is a trend in restaurants that prepare dessert by using coarse grain.

Chinese dessert cornbread Chinese dessert rice cake

Guangdong dim sum is special which matches Cantonese eating custom. Actually many of them are normal Chinese food. The different is that Cantonese prepare them in small share.

Chinese dessert cornbread

Here I only introduce some home made healthy dessert recipes.

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