Cancer Diet

Cancer diet is important in prevention and treatment.

Fresh fruit and vegetables (especially cruciferous) are tested to reduce cancer risk. But so far no enough evidence shows that any supplement has this kind of function. So the safest way is to eat a wide variety of vegetables but not antioxidant supplements such as beta-carotene, or lycopene, etc..

Cancer food list:

Cereals: Job's Tears seed(Coix seed), corn, sweet potato, wheat, rice bran;

Vegetables: Houttuynia root (Yu Xing Cao), seaweed, kelp,garlic, asparagus, sword bean,cabbage, pumpkin, fennel, mushroom, tea, sunflower;

Fruit: Hawthorn,almond,black plum(Wu Mei),strawberry,fig(Wu Hua Guo),Momordica Fruit(Luo-Han-Guo), kiwi fruit, papaya, Ginseng;

Meat: Turtle,tortoise,snake meat,rive eel,field snail,beef liver,goose blood.

cancer prevention diet :

Avoid unhealthy diet such as food partiality, smoke, alcohol,and unhealthy cooking such as deep fry, baked directly on the fire,etc.

Keep a balanced diet. Take a variety food and appropriate portion each day.

Besides eat more the above listed cancer-preventing food, don't eat the following foods:

- Expired cooking oil and other foods.

- Mildewed food

- Very hot food

- Burned meat and fish

Limits the following food:

- Hot food

- Meat

- Pickled food, smoked food.

- Re-heated cabbage,bok choy and other leaf vegetables.

- Alcohol

- Bacon

- Barbecue

Ovarian cancer diet: It is showed that ovarian tumour is actually composed of lots of blood blocks. So woman shouldn't eat lots of cold food,especially during menses period. Coldness will produce blood blocks. In case you found there are blood blocks during menses you can eat ginger to dispel the coldness.

Breast cancer diet: Breast cancer is related to the hurt of spleen Qi and liver Qi. To keep a healthy spleen Qi and liver Qi, we must keep a good mood. In addition, eat more green vegetables at dinner to clear liver heat. Don't eat cold food, very hot&spicy food; don't drink iced water; don't over eat or over drink. All these will protect your stomach and spleen from hurting.

lung cancer diet Because of the tumor consumption and no appetite cancer patients usually lose weight, so patients need to take more nutrients.

There exist a wrong thinking and operation. Some people think that eating more will provide more nutrients to the tumor. They even ask patients not to eat anything to "starve" the cancer cell. This causes patients malnutrition and is harmful to treatment and healing.

On the early stage, the digestive system of cancer patients is healthy. You should catch up the time to supplement nutrition before clinic treatment. Eat more egg, lean meat, unprocessed cereal,fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid greasy, hot and spicy food.

Lung cancer patients tend to cough, hemoptysis. You can eat some food which can nourish Yin and moisten lung, and relieve cough and hemostasis such as almond, jelly fish, lily, water chestnut, lotus root, lotus seed, pear, yam, white fungus, clam, tortoise, sticky rice, etc.

Cancer diet during treatment:

During treatment patients have no appetite and the digestive system is weak, so eat some tender,soft and easy to be digested liquid food such as porridge,soup,etc.

Operation: Patients are very weak after operation. Eat some foods that supplement blood and Qi. Stewed Chicken Soup, Red Chinese Date Soup, White Fungus Soup, Sugarcane Juice,etc. are good choice.

Chemotherapy. Don't eat any food 2-3 hours before treatment as it'll cause vomit. Patients must feel dry in mouth after treatment, so prepare some pear juice, grape juice, mung bean soup, white fungus soup, kelp soup, Job's tears soup,etc.

After chemotherapy treatment, eat more Mushroom with Egg, Stewed Hawthorn with Lean Meat, Chinese Red Date Soup,banana,towel gourd, mung bean soup, cucumber, cabbage, etc.

Cancer Recipes

1). Internal toxic heat:

Clinic symptoms: Body heat, headeach, red face, heat in eye, dry mouth and throat, yellow urine, constipation,etc.

Mung bean soup - with Honeysuckle and chrysanthemum Tea

Purslane Salad Recipe - in Garlic Sauce Recipe

2). Qi stagnation. Clinic symptoms: Dumps,depression. Distending sensation in the chest for patients of stomach cancer and food pipe cancer; distending pain in the abdomen for patients of large intestine cancer; distending pain in the liver area or in the breast for patients of breast cancer.

Whole Tangerine Drink

Radish Salad with Scallion Recipe

3). Stagnation of Blood Stasis

Clinic symptoms: Cancer patients appear bump inside or on the surface of the body. The bump is hard or uneven,grows daily. Patients feel pain. Patients have bleeding repeatedly.The blood is pink-dark color. Sometimes there is blood block.

Panax Notoginseng (San Qi in Chinese) can be used in cancer diet Recipe. It has the function of promoting blood circulation,removing blood stasis, subduing swelling,relieving pain and resisting cancer,etc.

Panax Notoginseng Recipe

Anti Cancer Dessert

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