Obesity Effect to Health

For male obesity sufferers, their fat is mainly distributed in neck, chunk, and head. While for female sufferers, the fat is mainly in upper and lower abdomen, breast and hip. Mild obesity don't have obvious clinical manifestations, but often feel hypodynamic, not bearing tired.

Persons with medium and heavy obesity always feel tired, short of breath, edema, and even unable to live on their own.

Because of the heavy burden caused by weight, the joint function go degradation,causing waist pain, joint pain, effecting activities and walk.

Obesity also tend to lead to respiratory dysfunction. Persons with obesity show heavily breath in activities, which is the effect of hypoxia. They consume more oxygen than normal people by 30% to 40%. When severely, they are hypoxia with sulfur dioxide retention inside body, producing drowsiness.

Persons with obesity are at risk of developing into medical conditions,such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and other chronic diseases. The quality of life has declined markedly.

Women with obesity have symptoms of menstrual disorders, amenorrhea or menstrual flow less. This is mainly caused by ovarian dysfunction. They also tend to cause infertility, endometrial cancer and other diseases. They are vulnerable to pregnancy toxicosis during pregnancy period, and easy to get puerperal fever and other complications during childbirth. They are also susceptible to hernias, colon cancer, breast cancer and other diseases.

Obesity shortens life-span. Persons with obesity live 5-20 years old less than normal people. American scientist researches show, for males aged above 45 years old,when they are over 10% than standard weight,their life-span will shorten 29days whenever their weight increases 0.5kg.

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