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1000 Calorie Menu
Free 7 Days Diet Plan

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1000 Calorie Menu is 7-day diet plan only for those obese people who just began their lose-weight diet meal plan, or those who want to lose weight fast and slim in short term.

As a normal person needs at least 1200 Calories to keep basic activities each day, so no matter what conditions you are in , you shouldn't try this diet menu for above 2 weeks.

1000 Calorie Menu Nutrition and Heat Information Table

Food Weight(g) Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbohydrate(g) Heat(kcal)
Cereal 150 12


115 508
Fruit Juice 200,a cup



20 80
Milk/Soybean product 200,a cup 6.6 (skim) 12 74.4
Egg 45, one average 6.7 6


Lean Meat /fish 50, (100g tofu) 9 5


Vegetable 250



10 40
Oil 15






34.3 26 157




137.2 234 628 999.2


13.7% 23.4% 62.9%


7-day 1000 Calorie Menu- free one week diet plan

(measure unit exchange,conversion: 1ounce=30gram, 1cup=200ml,1tsp(teaspoon)=2g, 1tbs(tablespoon)=5g )

For detail diet recipes,pls click each day's first column on the left of the table.

day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Mon (day1), click here for details egg,1 boiled

skim milk,1 cup

whole wheat bread, 1 piece

fresh fruit juice,1 cup

Heat: 404.2kcal

steamed rice,(50g rice,142g(4 1/2ounce) after steamed)

stir fried beef with celery,50g beef,100g celery,5g olive oil

cucumber salad, (cucumber,100g,sesame oil,5g)

Heat: 372kcal

steamed bread,25g

millet porridge,25g millet

stir fried black mushroom with cole,10g black mushroom,40g cole,5g olive oil

Heat: 222kcal

Tue (day2), click here for details soybean milk,2 cup

steamed bread,50g

stir fried egg with tomato, (1 egg,50g tomato, 5g olive oil)

fresh fruit juice, 1 cup


steamed rice,(50g rice,142g(4 1/2ounce) after steamed)

stewed pork spareribs with cabbage (50g pork spareibs,100g cabbage,5g olive oil)

Heat: 311kcal

corn porridge, 50g corn

black fungus and bamboo shoots salad (50g black fungus, 50g bamboo shoots, 5g sesame oil)Heat: 230kcal

Web (day3) Click here for details steamed egg curb, 1 egg

whole wheat bread, 1 piece

skim milk, a cup

fresh fruit juice, a cup

Heat: 404.2kcal

steamed rice,(50g rice,142g(4 1/2ounce) after steamed)

Steamed tofu with tuckahoe (100g tofu, 10g tuchahoe, 10g carrot, 10g pea, 10g corn, 10g pine nut, 5g olive oil)

eggplant salad(100g eggplant, 5g sesame oil

Heat: 364kcal

steamed corn bread, 50g

kelp and cabbage soup(50g kelp, 50g cabbage, 100g broth)

Heat: 230kcal

Thu (day4) Click here for details skim milk, a cup

whole wheat bread, 1 piece

stir-fried leek with egg(50g leek, 1 egg, 5g olive oil)

fresh fruit juice, 1 cup


steamed rice,(50g rice,142g(4 1/2ounce) after steamed)

steamed fresh fish(50g fish)

braised cabbage with potato(100g cabbage, 50g potato,5g olive oil)

Heat: 364kcal

Millet with rice porridge,(10g millet, 40g rice)

spinach salad(100g spinach, 5g olive oil)

Heat: 230kcal

Fri (day5), click here for details soybean milk, 2 cup

steamed bread, 50g

soybean sprout salad(40g soybean sprout, 10g carrot, 5g sesame oil)

fresh fruit juice, 1 cup

Heat: 376.4

steamed rice,(50g rice,142g(4 1/2ounce) after steamed)

white gourd with chicken soup(150g white gourd, 50g chicken,5g sesame oil)

Heat: 319kcal

Pasta with stir fried tomato and egg.(50g whole wheat pasta, 50g tomato, 1 egg, 5g olive oil)

Heat: 302.8

Sat (day6), click here for details skim milk, 1 cup

egg, 1 boiled

small red bean porridge(20g small red,30g rice)

radish salad(50g radish, 5g sesame oil)

fresh fruit juice, 1cup

Heat: 457.2kcal

steamed rice,(50g rice,142g(4 1/2ounce) after steamed)

stir-fried sliced fish with clover blossom(50g fish,100g clover blossom, 5g olive oil)

Heat: 311kcal

rice with fresh lotus leaf porridge(50g rice, 1 piece lotus leaf)

stir fried mushroom with carrot(50g mushroom, 50g carrot, 5g olive oil)

Heat: 230kcal

Sun (day7), click here for details tofu salad(80g tofu,5g sesame oil)

millet with rice porridge(20g millet, 50g rice)

fresh fruit juice, 1 cup

Heat: 368.4kcal

steamed rice,(50g rice,142g(4 1/2ounce) after steamed)

stewed beef with radish(50g beef, 50g radish)

spinach salad(100g spinach,5g sesame oil)

Heat: 319kcal

steamed bread 50g

stir fried egg with green pepper(1 egg, 100g green pepper, 5g olive oil)

Heat: 310.8kcal

For detail recipes,pls click each day's first column on the left of the table.


If egg is not cooked with other food,it's better to eat boiled egg.

Milk should be skim milk.

Bread should be whole wheat bread.

If you have condition with heart disease you can involve the Coronary Artery Recipes, or Heart Healthy Diet Recipes in your 1000 Calorie Menu.

You can add Diabetic Recipes, or High Blood Pressure Recipes, or Cancer Diet Recipes, if you have related health problems.

In ancient Chinese medical book "Huang Di Nei Jing" suggested that diet should take grains(cereal) as main food, fruit as assistant, meat as benefit,and vegetables as supplement. Interesting is, this diet food structure is the same as that of American Food Pyramid.

In traditional Chinese regimen, porridge nourish human being most, especially for patient.Here is a story about how grain porridge saved a young man's life. Long long ago, if a man wanted to become a government officer, he must take part in an examination called "Keju".A young man studied very hard but didn't pass the exam for several times. He was anxious and melancholy,and laid down at last. Many doctors used many different kinds of medicine and treatment, but it seemed no one can save him. He was too weak to get up and couldn't eat any food,almost die. At last his family asked help for the most famous doctor in the country. After taking a look,the doctor gave his prescription: don't ask the patient to take any medicine, cook grain porridge, let the patient to eat porridge several times a day. Though the patient's family doubted his prescription's effect,they had no choice but take a try. A few days later after eating porridge, miracle happened. The patient began to feel hungry and want to eat food. You know when a dying patient begins to eat food,he has the hope to survive. Needless to say the young man got well at last.

So often eating grain porridge is good to our health. And it's easy to make. Just put all the grains you can find together,such as rice,millet,brown rice,barley,oat,corn,buckwheat,Job's Tears,small red bean,kidney bean,peanut,sweet potato,etc.clean,add 10times water,soaked in water 1-2 hours,then cook 1-2 hours over low heat.

Or you can buy the cooker especially for cooking porridge. Put all the grains and water in the cooker before sleep for the first night. In the morening of the second day, you can eat very delicious porridge. Or do it before you go to work in the morning, and eat after you come back from work.

Here fruit juice is fresh,100% fruit self-made . No sugar, no honey, just fruit. 70-80% nutrition can be absorbed if we drink fresh fruit juice while only 20-30% can be absorbed if we eat raw fruit. Further more, fresh fruit juice can be absorbed well in the morning. Morning(eating) fruit is gold, afternoon fruit is silver and evening fruit is copper. A cup of 100% pure fresh fruit juice in the morning can make you feel full of energy in the whole day.

According to traditional Chinese medicine theory,human's metabolism is very active in the morning,and gradually inactive after 4pm. So if you intake very less heat after 4pm while exercising 4 hours each day(When others are having their dinner,you are doing exercise. And you won't feel hungary because you already eating the whole day's food before 4pm). You'll no doubt lose weight sooner or later while keeping very good habit and health.

If you don't know how to cook or are busy, you may ask a local Chinese restaurant to cook for you. Or you may hire a Chinese student to cook for you.

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