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Soybean and soybean foods are good lose weight food. According to their colors,there are soybean(yellow),green soybean and black soybean. In Chinese food, normally soybean refers to yellow soybean. Soybean is low fat healthy vegetarian food with rich nutrition. Taking protein containing in soybean as an example,it's 2 times as that of lean pork,3 times as that of egg,2 times as that of milk. So for persons who are in obesity, you'll get enough nutritions while lose weight if you often eat soybean and their foods.

Fatty acid in soybean is unsaturated fatty acids,or linoleic acid, accounting for more than 55% fat content. Soybean contains a lot of beans steroids, almost no cholesterol, inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol contained in animal foods, collaboratiing unsaturated fatty acids combining body cholesterol and then changing into a liquid state, discharging with urine, thereby lowering cholesterol content,helping patients with obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, atherosclerosis to recover.

Soybean contains saponin which has good effect to lose weight. Feeding obese rat with food containing soybean saponin, scientist found that the rat's intestinal villus shrunk,avoiding too much food intake,and so the rat lost weight gradually.

Soybean is native to China and used as food for several thousands of years. In Chinese food, soybean is processed to different kinds of soybean foods such as soybean milk, soybean curb(Tofu),dried soybean curb,soybean curb skin,etc. These soybean foods can make delicious dishes while they have the function of removing fat,lose weight, lowering blood pressure, reducing sugar level, strengthening body, beautifying your skin, and anti-aging,etc.

Soybean and its food products are especially suitable for middle to old aged people.

Soybean milk can be made at home. You can use juice extractor or buy the home-used Soybean-Milk-Making machine, very conveniently. Don't throw away the residue after making soybean milk. Soybean residue contains rich easy-absorbed Calcium, which helps to reduce osteoporosis and prevent atherosclerosis. Soybean residue are low heat energy with rich edible fibre which can absorb cholesterol and discharge out of body. Eating soybean residue is easy to have a sense of satiety, so it's a good Auxiliary therapeutic for obese people. You can mix soybean residue with oat powder to make cookies. Soybean-residue-oat cookies are soft,crisp and delicious.

NOTE: 1. Persons with poor digestive function and renal function are better not to eat,or eat less.

      2. Pregnant women and babies don't eat.

      3. For normal people(including obese people), it's not suggest to eat too much one time.40g per meal is appropriate.


Tofu and Tomato with Caviar


200g tofu

100g tomato

10g onions,chopped

30g caviar

10 pieces of leaf lettuce


1.a.Place tofu in a plate,put in a steamer,steam for 10mins.If the tofu you buy can be served directly,then you don't need to steam.

  b. drain well, make sure that there is no extra water on tofu,set aside.

  c. Clean tomato,cut into 1cm size cubes,set aside.

2. a. Add caviar and onions on tofu,stir by using chopstick or fork. While you are stirring, tofu will be stirred into small cubes. (though it may be in good shape if you cut into small cubes by knife, it's more delicious to stir into small cubes by chopstick or fork.)

   b. Add tomato cubes,stir and mix well.

   c. Let it marinated for 5mins before serving.

   d. Serve by wrapping into  leaf lettuce. Add about 3g tofu mixture for each piece of leaf lettuce,depending on your size of mouth -:).

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