Obesity Diet Food-Leaf Lotus

Obesity Diet Food: Dried Leaf Lotus Obesity Diet Food: Dried Leaf Lotus
Obesity Diet Food: Leaf Lotus Tea Obesity Diet Food: Lotus Leaf Porridge

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Leaf Lotus!

Leaf Lotus!is healthy obesity diet food which is frequently used in slimming medicine and slimming treatment.In ancient Chinese medical book,there were records that leaf lotus helped to lose weight.

Leaf Lotus!has the function of lose weight,reducing blood lipid and cholesterol.

Fresh Leaf Lotus!and dried Leaf Lotus!have the same function.

Obesity Diet Food-Leaf Lotus Recipe

Rice with Leaf Lotus! Porridge Recipe


1/2 cup rice

0.5 OZ dried Leaf Lotus!

1 teaspoon crystal sugar

1500ml water


1. Clean leaf lotus,soak in water for 30mins.

   Clean rice,soak in water for 30mins.

2. Add water, leaf lotus in rice cooker,bring to a boil,cook 10mins.

Filter leaf lotus,leave soup.

   Add rice,bring to a boil again.

   Cover the cooker.

   Cook for 40mins over low heat.

3. Add crystal sugar to taste.

   Boil additional 5mins over high heat.

4. Turn off heat,cool until suitable for serve,serve with warm.

Serving Method:(10 servings)

Serve at breakfast and dinner as main food.

Nutritional Information:

Energy: 515kcal(51.5kcal per serve)

Protein: 12g

Fat: 1g

Sugar: 115g

Edible fibre: 1g

Benefit Function: Clear heat,reduce fat and help to lose weight. Suitable for those who get Simple Obesity,especially for those who also have summer fever.

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