Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes

A Surprise Gift for vegetarian

Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes especially designed for those who desire to lose weight,and those diabetic whose weight exceed standard 20%. They are also used as additional meals for diabetic. Those who are Vegetarian or vegetable lovers also can have a try.

Some vegetables in these Low Calorie and Vegetarian recipes:

Chinese Cabbage: 

King of the vegetables. American scientist found that there is a compound in chinese cabbage,which can prevent women from getting mammary cancer. That's the reason why women in China and Japan get less mammary cancer than that in America.

Cabbage help to protect skin if eating very often.

Chinese cabbage will keep more vitamin when cook longer time.


Contains more vitamin,help to prevent from skin over keratinization. 

Improve blood circulation,detumescence.



Help to soften blood vessel.

Celery juice help to reduce blood sugar.



Contains more food fibers,help to reduce fat.

Help to ease pain,reduce cholesterol.



German call it "King of vegetable".

Help to cure throat pain,traumatic swollen,stomach ache and tooth ahe,etc.


Bamboo Shoot:

Low fat,low sugar and more food fibers.Help to absorb fat,improve to assimilation and excretion.

Help to cure heart disease, high pressure and diabetic.


White gourd:

Contains less sodium,helping to cure all kinds of edema.

Adjust metabolization balance, making skin white and smooth.

Help to convert amylum and sugar inside our body into heat energy,which is best choice of fatness.


Black Mushroom:

High protein,low fat,more sugar.

Improve to absorb Calcium.

Help to remove fat on abdomen wall,prevent from getting cancer.

Black mushroom juice help to reduce blood pressure.


Saint Georges Mushroom:

Help to prevent from high blood pressure caused by lack of selenium.

Contains anti-virus material,helping to cure diseases caused by virus.

Contains much more food fibers,helping to prevent from constipation, expel toxin inside our body,prevent from diabetic and large intestine cancer, and reduce cholesterol and fat.

Green pepper:

Improve strength,ease tiredness.

Help to assimilation, prevent from constipation



Contains much vitamin P,preventing high blood pressure,arteriosclerosis,scurvy,etc.

Help to reduce cholesterol,prevent cancer.

Help to Release heat,activate blood,reduce swollen and ease pain.



Help to prevent heart attack

Help to cure high blood pressure and kidney disease.Prevent aging.

Low Calorie and Vegetarian Recipes

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Arugula salad

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