Causes of Constipation include Organic type caused by some diseases;Functional type is caused by the life changes,emotion dumps,diet factors,poor bowl movement habit,medication,etc......(click the above title to see details)

Bowel Movement Habit Evaluation

By Bowel Movement Habit Evaluation, you can judge whether or not you've got constipation. Score yourself by answering the following questions.(Click the above title to see details)

constipation remedies

Tells you remedies principle, simple remedies,Drinking vinegar,laver soup,Abdomen massage and shrinking,Dither upper body,etc.(Click the above title to see details)

Constipation Treatment

Here introduced some medicined diet constipation treatment, according to your body constitution,Yin deficiency,Yang deficiency,etc. (Click the above title to see details)

constipation prevention

Prevention should include not only drink water,eat foods containing dietary fiber, but also including right habit in life .(Click the above title to see details)

Baby Constipation

Get More Info on Gastronic Dr. for Acute and Chronic Digestive Disorders

Get More Info on Natural Moves for Natural Constipation Relief

Get More Information on Triple Complex Digestion Tonic Tissue Salts

Constipation Recipes

Balsam Pear with Sesame Paste Salad Recipe

Aloe and Banana Porridge Recipe

Stir fried Yam with Celery Recipe

Radish with Mirabilitum depuratum Drink Recipe

Three Seeds Drink Recipe

Cassia,White Mulberry Root-bark with Poria Porridge Recipe

Areca Seed Porridge Recipe

Stir Fried Leek with Egg Recipe

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