Obesity Diet Food- White Radish

White Radish

White radish is healthy obesity diet food,which has the function of clearing heat, detoxifcation, strengthening stomach, reducing phlegm, relieving a cough,smoothing Chi,defecation, creating saliva,anti-thirst,etc..

White radish contains more vitamine C than fruits,rich in vitamin A,vitamin B,Calcium,P,Iron.

White radish contains many enzymes that help to digest.

White radish contains mustard oil which can increase appetite and promote the intestinal motility and promote excretion.

White radish can induce body to create interferon which will increase the immunity of the body, inhibiting cancer cell growth.

White radish contains less heat but more edible fibre,easy to create satiety feeling.

Clinical observation show, eating white radish regularly can prevent subcutaneous fat accumulation,remove fat,soften blood vessel,and keeping defecation.

Radish seeds contain volatile oil which can reduce blood fat, lower cholesterol and help to lose weight.

Obesity Diet Food- Radish Recipe

Slivered Radish with Rice Cake Recipe


100g white radish

100g rice powder

5g dried small shrimp

5g black mushroom


1.a. Marinate dried small shrimps and black mushroom in clean water respectively,until soft.

  b. Cut dried small shrimps and black mushroom into mashed slices,leave water that marinated black mushroom(there are many nutrition inside).

  c. Cut white radish into fine sliver.

  d. Heat water in a cooker,quick boil white radish slivers.Take out,cool.

2. a. Mix white radish sliver,mashed small shrimp and black mushroom.

   b. Add rice powder,in the meantime add black mushroom left water.(Don't add all water one time.Add slowly while stir.Total water added is about 50g). Stir into paste.

   c. Put on the drawer cloth of a steamer( You may also cook in oven instead of steamer).

   d. Steam for about 20mins.

   e. Stay for 5mins with steamer cover. Take out,cut into small pieces,serve.

Tips.To save time,while you are marinating black mushroom and dried small shrimp,you do work on white radish.

Serving Method:(5 servings)

Serve as main food at breakfast,lunch or dinner. 50g per serve.

Nutritional Information:

Heat: 383kcal(76.6kcal per serving)

Protein: 12g

Fat: 1g

Sugar: 82g

Edible Fibre: 3g

Beneficial Function: Smooth Chi,reduce phlegm. Suitable Simple Obesity,especially for those who are also with hyperlipidemia, flatulence.

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