Coronary Artery Disease Diet

Most coronary artery diseases are caused by improper eating or eating too much fat or sugar, so proper diet is necessary whether or not you are in medicinal treatment. Diet principle should be heat intake control, fat and cholesterol restriction, a certain amount of high quality protein supply and sufficient vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, and enough complex carbohydrate.

According to Yin, Yang,Qi,Blood theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, people with coronary heart disease show different syndromes. It's more efficient to choose treatment by differentiating syndrome.

A. Heart Yang is insufficient


Palpitation, short breath;

Often feel chest oppressed or pain;

Lumbar soreness;

Aversion to cold,cold limbs;

Pale face;

Light white lip and nails.

Diet therapeutic principle:

Supplementing heart Qi,warming heart Yang, eliminating pathogenic cold, promoting circulation of blood.

People with this syndrome should eat:

Fish, bean products, lean meat, sea cucumber, jelly fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, coarse grain, whole wheat, corn,etc. And medicinal foods:Ginseng,cinnamon twig,cinnamon bark,astragalus root,etc.

People with this syndrome should not eat:

Raw and cold foods, greasy foods.

B.Qi stagnation and blood stasis


Precordial retrosternal prick at fixed point, sometimes happen and sometimes stop. Sometimes the prick involves in shoulder and back with oppressed chest, breathlessness, distending pain in two costal region;

Always sign and easy to get angry,unsound emotion,used to beat chest;

Grayish complexion, dull purple color around eye and lip,petechia on skin;

Eating less, swelled abdomen, stool in disorder

Symptoms get worse at night.

Diet therapeutic principle:

Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting circulation of Qi and activating meridians.

People with this syndrome should eat:

Hawthorn, walnut(pecan), garlic, tangerine peel, rice wine, rose flower, safflower,Chinese Angelica root(Dang Gui).

People with this syndrome should not eat:  Raw and cold foods,greasy foods.

C. Phlegm stagnation in meridians


Heart chest aching suddenly, sometimes slow sometimes acute;

Oppressed chest like some heavy load;

Sore left shoulder;

Palpitation,short breath;

Heavy head,lassitude;

Symptoms happening or worse in the afternoon or after cloudy and rainy day;

Fat physique.

Diet therapeutic principle:

Removing blood stasis to active meridians,resolving phlegm and dampness.

People with this syndrome should eat:

Tangerine peel, tangerine, Job's tears(Chinese pearl barley), lotus leaf, hawthorn, radish, radish seed, almond, mushroom, tofu, onion, kelp, alga, tuckahoe,etc.

People with this syndrome should not eat:

Raw and cold food, greasy food, difficult to be digested.

D. Insufficient both in Qi and Yin


Dull pain chest;

Lassitude, short breath;

Hyperhidrosis, thirst

Dysphoria with feverish sensation in chest, palms and soles.

Diet therapeutic principle:

Replenishing Qi,nourishing Yin, promoting blood circulation and activating meridian.

People with this syndrome should eat:

White fungus,longan,duck, yam,chufa,Chinese date, turtle,lily, lotus seed, Chinese wolfberry(Gouji berry).

People with this syndrome should not eat: Hot and spicy foods, foods which are dry and easy to cause internal heat.

Belows are some knowledge about coronary heart disease:

What is coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is the short form of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease. It's caused by coronary atherosclerosis which leads cardiac muscle lacking blood and oxygen.

Causes of coronary heart disease

Coronary artery is small artery which supply blood only to heart. When atherosclerosis forms, lipid and other substances in endarterium begins to accumulate upheaving pale-white color atherosclerosis on the wall of artery vessel. Thus, artery lumen becomes narrow or even obstructed, or artery functional spasm happens. All these cause cardiac muscle lacking blood, or even cause myocardial ischemic necrosis.

Types of coronary heart disease

Occult, angina, myocardial infarction ischemic cardiomyopathy,sudden death.

Symptoms of coronary heart disease

Paroxysmal ache on retrosternal area, palpitation,dyspnea,etc.

Who are easy to get coronary heart disease

and what life habit do they have

People more than 40 years old. More brain labor workers. More men than women.

They often have hypercholesterolemia,high blood pressure and smoking habits as well as diabetes and obesity. They often feel stress, lack of physical activity, and often eat high-fat, high-energy foods,etc.

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