Use these Healthy Chinese Recipes to Improve Yourself and Your Families’ Health

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Dear Friends,

Here most of these healthy Chinese recipes helped me to improve my health in the past few years. I hope and believe you’ll benefit from them, too. Meanwhile, these healthy recipes are delicious as I’m a gourmet. I won’t recommend to you if they are not tasty.

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But how and where do these healthy Chinese recipes come from? Since year 2000, from Singapore to Shanghai, I worked very hard and eating out for about four years. My health became very bad. I felt my energy was exhausted. It seemed these cities were swallowing me.

I got flu continually, and many strange diseases attacked me. Finally I felt if I didn't take any actions I would be down with these illness.

First, I let my mind and heart quiet down after work, trying to get up earlier and sleep earlier and eat regularly, living a healthy life style.

Second, I made my mind that I must cook at home even if I was busy. At least cook 2-3 times a week. Keep away those unhealthy food. Food cooked in restaurants are oily, salty, and insanitary sometimes. Further more, you cannot control what you want to eat in restaurants. You have to eat what they have.

Originally, I was big chef in my family. I began to cook for the whole family at the age of 12. I’m a revolutionist in cooking. I always try new methods, use new materials. I cook according to my favorite taste. My father also learned some recipes from me.-:)

So for me, going back home to cook is not a problem at all.

I studied “Ben Cao Gang Mu(herbs directory, Chinese ancient medical book by Li Shi Zhen)” and “Huang Di Nei Jing(Root of Chinese traditional herbalist)”. These two great books are elite of our China 5000-year-culture. They are still today’s Chinese people regimen and eating guide.

I also referred to American food pyramid plan and nutrition studies in Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.

With healthy food and food nutrition knowledge, combining eastern and western regimen guide, I created these healthy Chinese recipes.

Here, you will find healthy pork recipes, healthy beef recipes and healthy chicken recipes. They are delicious, too.

If you are looking for low calorie recipes, you find the right place. I have low calorie and vegetarian recipes for you. The calorie for more than 200g meal is less than 200 KCAL, ranging from 49 KCAL to 200 KCAL.

There are recipes good for mens health, womens health and mental health. You even can find diabetic diet recipes and heart health recipes( low cholesterol recipes).

In my experiences, if you want to cook low calorie Chinese recipes, you should avoid deep fry, instead of, you should use methods: stir fry, stew, steam., or barbecue, roast.

Second, when you have more than two materials in your recipes, try not to stir-fry in the oil separately.

For example, Meat with Broccoli recipe, the procedure in restaurant is:

a. Heat oil in the wok, add broccoli, stir fry, remove, set aside;
b. Clean the wok, add additional oil in the wok, add meat, stir fry,
   Add soy sauce, ginger, stir,
   Add broccoli(a).
   Add salt, stir fry several times.
   Remove, serve.

In my healthy Chinese recipes, that is low fat cooking method, the procedure is:

a. Cut broccoli into small pieces
   Or boil broccoli quickly in boiling water.
b. same as the above b. 

You can see, low calorie cooking method only use oil one time, less than traditional method.

When cooking Fried Rice, traditional method procedure is:

a. Heat oil in the wok, add egg, stir fry till egg becomes solid pieces.
   Remove, set aside.
b. Add additional oil in the wok, Add rice (already steamed), stir fry.
   Add egg, stir fry.
   Add scallion, salt, stir, fry.
   Remove, serve. 

My healthy Chinese recipe, low calorie fried rice recipe is:

a. Heat oil in the wok, add steamed rice, stir, fry.
b. Add egg, stir, fry.
   Add scallion, salt, stir, fry.
   Remove, serve.

Note: you can add egg first, but egg need more oil. So my healthy Chinese recipe is the lowest calorie fried rice recipe.

If you are a single person, you may invite some friends to cook together, and enjoy delicious self-made healthy food.

If you have the family, cook for your wife/husband, your kids, or even for your parents, using all these healthy Chinese recipes and method. And then all families sit around the table, eating, talking and laughing. How happy and warm scenario!

Ok, let’s go. It’s the time to go back home to cook healthy food, you may create your own healthy Chinese recipes.-:)

Update in September,2007

Hi friends,

After one year, I learned more about health and food. I really appreciate your support.

China's 5000 years of history reserved so much precious regimen. I know it's impossible for me to grasp them all. But I'm trying to dig out and would like to share with you. So, I added recipes from the following aspects:

  • Recipes from ancient medical books
  • Folk Recipes
  • Current popular recipes in China

To learn more healthy Chinese Recipes, besides continue to pay attention to my website, please subscribe my "Anna's Nature Regimen and Recipes Newsletter". It's not only about healthy Chinese recipes, but it's more about healthy life style.

Good Luck and Good Health


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