Authentic Chinese Food
Traditional Chinese Food

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Authentic Chinese food and traditional Chinese foods.

If the Chinese food that is made in China is not authentic,then what is authentic Chinese food?

All Chinese traditional festivals come with some  traditional Chinese foods, such as Chinese New Year with Dumpling Jiaozi, Duan Wu Festival with Zongzi, LaBa with Laba Porridge and Laba Garlic, Mid-autumn Festival with Moon Cake, etc.

Let's see what people in China are eating.Authentic chinese cuisine, authentic kung pao chicken,  authentic chinese fried rice, authentic chinese stir fry, authentic chinese dumplings, authentic lo mein,etc.  That's real authentic Chinese food.

Chinese Dumplings Jiao Zi 饺子



Soup Dumpling Recipe 汤包

Laba Foods 腊八

    Laba Porridge Recipe

Laba Garlic Recipe

Farmers Market In China

What authentic Chinese food did Obama eat in China

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