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Winter Health Tips
boost metabolism,prevent and cure cold

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Winter should store- store energy. The kidney dominates the winter. It's the best time to nourish the kidney. How to get these through spirit, mind, exercise and diet? Read here

How to boost metabolism while keeping warm in winter?

We tend to eat more high calorie food which can warm us up but easy to cause indigestion and weight gain. How to resolve the dilemma?

Continue read here

How to prevent cold and cough in winter?

To prevent cold and cough in winter is not difficult, there are several rules- go to sleep early, put on thick clothes on time, eat congee or soup often. The last is an important rule...... Continue read here


How to cure a cold within 24 hours?

You don't need to see a doctor or take any medicine after knowing how to treat a cold.Remember four things: take action fast, enough water, enough rest and eating less and light.Continue read here


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