Insomnia Diet Cures

Insomnia Diet Cures

Insomnia refers to insufficient sleep, shallow sleep and failure to relieve fatigue and restore the physical and mental strength by sleep.

Mild insomnia refers to difficulty to fall asleep, or broken sleep, or inability to resume sleep once waking up.

Severe insomnia refers to inability to fall asleep the whole night.

insomnia Causes:

-Emotional disorder

-Improper diet

-Weak constitution after illness

-Infirmity of age

-Congenital insufficiency and timidness

It involves the heart and closely related to stagnation of liver Qi, deficiency of the gallbladder, spleen and kidney and dysfunction of stomach Qi.

The imbalance between Yin and Yang and disorder of Qi and blood in the heart, gallbladder, spleen and kidney result the inadequate nourishment of the heart or mental disturbance.

Insomnia diet cures principle:

Replenish deficiency and purge excess. Regulate Yin and Yang,calm the heart and tranquilize the mind.

General Diet Requirement:

1). Eat 4-5 times but eat less each meal. Don't eat too full,nor too less before sleep.

2). Don't eat stimulating food such as strong tea, strong coffee, chilli,pepper,smoke, alcohol, etc.

3). Eat more foods that help to smooth nerve such as milk, longan, lily, lotus seed, Chinese date, walnut,etc.

Syndrome Differentiation and insomnia diet cures

1. Hyperactivity of Heart Fire

Main symptoms: Restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, dry mouth and tongue, scanty dark urine, mouth and tongue sore,etc.

Principle of Treatment: To clear away heart fire, tranquilize the mind and soothe the heart.

Therapeutic Diet foods: Some foods with cold/cool nature or with the feature of smooth the nerve such as bamboo leaves,lotus seed plumule, bitter melon,etc.

2. Liver Qi stagnation turning into fire

Main symptoms: Anxiety, irritability, dreamful sleep or even inability to fall asleep all night, accompanied by dizziness, distending sensation in the head,conjunctival congestion, tinnitus�Cdry and bitter mouth, poor appetite, constipation, dark urine,etc.

Principle of Treatment: To ease the liver, clear away the fire, tranquilize the mind.

Therapeutic Diet foods: Some foods that tranquilize the mind such as lotus seed, lotus seed plumule,and foods which soothe the liver and purge heat such as celery,shepherd's-purse, asparagus,chrysanthemum,mung bean etc.

3. Internal disturbance of phlegm-heat

Main symptoms: Feeling of oppression in the chest, restlessness, insomnia, nausea belching, accompanied by heavy sensation in the head, dizziness, bitter mouth,etc.

Principle of Treatment: To clear away the heat, resolve phlegm,regulate the stomach and  tranquilize the mind.

Therapeutic Diet foods: Some foods that tranquilize the mind such as lotus seed, lotus seed plumule,and foods which resolve phlegm and purge heat such as tangerine peel, hawthorn, pear, water chestnut, lily, white radish,etc.

4. Hyperactivity of fire due to Yin deficiency

5. Deficiency of the heart and spleen

Insomnia cure recipes

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