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About Chicken

To cook healthy chicken recipes, you should learn the followings about chicken first.

Beneficial Function: 

Chicken contains high protein and is easily digested. It strengthens our body.

Help us to improve Qi and blood and warm middle region.

Chicken liver is good to our eyes.

Suitable for those:

People who are malnutrition,or afraid of cold,or fatigable, or women who get menstruation disorder, or with anemia.

Old people,patient or those who feel weak,etc.

Mothers who just give birth to a baby.

Usage: Most people can eat. 100g per meal.

Don't for those: 

People who are suffering from arteriosclerosis,coronary heart disease and high pressure cannot eat chicken soup.

People who get cold with headache,fatigue and fever cannot eat chicken and chicken soup.

Before cooking, you may choose a set of cookware that will bring you health, less time and less effort

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