Causes of Obesity

What Causes Obesity?

The following reasons cause Obesity:

1. Genes

Some obese people have a special obese gene that make their body to absorb the nutrition from all kinds of food and store up. Though they don't eat too much and take part in normal sport activities, they are easy to become fat.

2. Unscientific Diet Habit

   a. Eating too fast. Eating too fast is easy to cause eating too much.

   b. Snacking Hobby. Many snacks contain high calorie such as potato chips, cakes, cold drinks, etc., with so many ingredients as sugar,oil or salt.

   c. Seldom have breakfast. Some people want to lose weight by not having breakfast,or too busy to have breakfast. But the result is just the opposite. At lunch time, you'll feel very hungry and so eat too much.

   d. Eating too much at dinner time. There are less physical activities and so less heat energy consumption at night. If you always have rich dinner and eat more, your body will store up too much fat.

   e. Liking to eat sweet food. Some people like to eat food containing high sugar such as Chocolate. Too much sugar will convert into fat to store in your body.

3. Too less sport and physical activities. Less activities will not only cause less energy heat consumption, but in musculature  will cause impaired glucose tolerance,a direct result from insulin resistance increases.

4. Abnormal hormone secretion such as epinephrine, thyroid hormone, insulin,Or use of drugs such as steroid may lead to obesity.

5. Nerve centre for feeding obstacle causing non-stop eating also lead Obesity.

6. Pressure or emotional eating. In the event of unpleasant things, or the pressure of work or study,or in sad mood, some people tend to alleviate by eating, even engorgement. However, food is not easy to be assimilated when people in bad mood. So the food will be accumulated inside the body and so cause Obesity.

7. Constipation. Sometimes Obesity of the under part of the body is caused by the constipation. Constipation will accumulate water, forming obesity.

Therefore, understanding the reasons for obesity and finding the right remedy will make your weight loss relaxedly and smoothly. 

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