Chinese Duck Recipes


If you want to cook Chinese duck recipes, you should learn the followings about duck.

Benefit of Function:

Duck contains more protein,vitamin B and E than that of beef,pork,etc.

Easy to digest.

Heal beriberi,neuritis and different kinds of inflammation.

Prevent from aging.

Duck contains Nicotinic Acid,which protects patient with heart disease.

Suitable for those:

Heat inside region, weak,eat less,constipation,edema,heart disease,cancer,patients after take radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Usage: 80g per meal.

Don't for those: 


Tips: Duck soup will taste fresh and delicious if putting in some salt when cook.

Taboo: Cannot eat with walnut,turtle,agaric,buckwheat.

Duck is suitable for cook as a whole. Beijing Duck,Nangjing Brine Duck,etc are famous,healthy Chinese Duck Recipes.

Choose the right set of cookware, help you to cook food more delicious while healthier and saving your effort and time.

Shanghai Duck Recipes (Duck in Shanghai Sauce)

Beijing Roast Duck Recipe

Nangjing Brine Duck Recipe

Duck Cube with Soybean Sauce Recipe

Duck with Green Pepper Recipe

Duck with Taro Soup Recipe

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