Healthy Mutton Recipes

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To cook healthy delicious mutton(lamb), you should learn the following about Mutton(lamb) first.

Benefit function of mutton(lamb)

Mutton is energy tonic in winter. It can improve blood circulation and warm up internal region.

Mutton promotes Yang Qi, tonifying the kidney.

There is a saying "Eating mutton is better than that of Ginseng in winter".

Mutton contains less cholesterol than that of beef and pork.

Mutton's liver is good to our eyes.

People with the following diseases can eat mutton as an assistant treatment:

Cough caused by cold-wind;
Chronic tracheitis;
Asthma (deficiency-cold type);
Kidney deficiency and impotence;
Abdomen cold-pain;
Afraid of cold and weakness;
Soreness and weakness in knees and lumb;
Emaciation with sallow complexion;
Both deficiency in Qi and blood;
Weakness after serious illness or delivery.

Serving portion:

About 50g each meal each day. Once a week in winter.

Those who are with cardiovascular disease, obesity, or fatty liver should eat less.

Who shouldn't eat?

People who are suffering fever, edema, hectic fever, malaria, toothache, etc.

Hepatitis patients don't eat. Mutton has powerful warm energy. Excessive intake will aggravate the symptoms.

When should eat?

Don't eat in summer. Better eat in winter.

Tips when serving mutton:

Mutton has warm energy. It's easy to cause heat(inflammation). So serve with some cold energy vegetables when eating mutton. This will help to clear away heat and remove toxin. These vegetables can be lettuce, spinach, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, lotus root, tofu, and bok choy, etc.

Mutton and white radish is a good combination. Radish can help to eliminate food stagnation and resolve phlegm and heat. It can remove the meat odor.

Don't eat with watermelon, which may cause diarrhea.

Don't add much hot& spicy condiments such as chili, pepper, fennel, etc. They'll cause heat and dryness. It's better to add some ginger with peel on. Ginger peel has cool energy and ginger can remove the meat odor.

Don't serve with vinegar and pumpkin.

Don't drink tea right after eating mutton.

Mutton has a special odor that some people don't like. Ginger, radish, hawthorn, scallion, or cumin seeds(powder) can remove it.

Below are healthy mutton recipes

Mutton Soup Recipes

Lamp Chop with Radish Soup and Medicinal Mutton Soup

Cumin Lamb Xinjinag Style

No cooking oil,only cumin and salt

Roast Lamb Rack

Remove fat by boiling; tender and tasty inside while crispy outside layer

Braised lamb Leg with Carrot and Potatoes, Shanghai style

Cut lamb leg into small blocks. It's more stasty.

Lamb kebabs,XinJiang Style

Meat in this recipe is tender and stasty.

Mutton(Lamb) Slices Stew Recipe

Crisp Fried Mutton Recipe

Roast Mutton Kebabs Recipe

Slivered Mutton (lamb) with Yong Ginger Recipe

Mix Lamb Kidney Liver Filet Recipe


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