Bean Sprout Promotes Yang Qi

More Nutrients than Beans

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Nutrition facts and benefits:

Bean sprouts contain more nutrition than that of beans themselves. Dry beans don't contain vitamin C but sprouts do. Meanwhile nutrients in sprouts are easy to be absorbed than that of beans.

TCM holds that bean sprouts contain Qi of ascending and generating, matching spring Qi. It's the best time to eat bean sprouts in spring.

Most common bean sprouts are soybean sprout, mung bean sprout and black bean sprout. All kinds of sprouts inherite the nutrition and functions of their beans. And they add more.

Soybean Sprout

Soybean is rich in protein. But it contains trypsin inhibitor which restrains the absorption of protein. The process of germinating degrades most of the inhibitor, greatly improving the utility of protein.

Another substance in soybean also disappears during germinating which cannot be absorbed and causes abdominal distension.

During germinating more mineral substances such as Ca, P, Fe, Zn, etc. are released. That means we can take more mineral from soybean sprout than that of soybean.

Asparagine increases rapidly after germinating. This help to reduce the accumulating of lactic acid(lactate) and release fatigue.

There is interferon inducer in soybean sprout which can improve our anti-virus and anti-cancer ability.

Benefit of soybean sprout:

  • Supplementing vitamin C
  • Beautifying our skin
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-aging


Mung Bean Sprout

Mung bean sprout is cold nature with functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying, removing dampness, etc. It's suitable for those who are drunk, or with heat-dampness, or tired with no appetite. People with hypertension or coronary heart disease can eat mung bean sprout as it is low in Saturated Fat and Sodium, and very low in Cholesterol. 100g mung bean sprout only has 30kcal energy.

Mung bean sprout contains more amino acid which is from protein's resolution during germinating. Each 100g mung bean sprout contains 13.2 mg vitamin C, almost three times of mung bean. There is a story about mung bean sprout. In World War II the  American Navy soldiers were tortured by scurvy for a long time and what saved them at last was bean sprout unintentionally. Some mung beans germinated in damp environment. The soldiers ate them unintentionally.

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Benefit of mung bean sprout

  • Preventing diseases caused by VC deficiency such as scurvy
  • Reducing cholesterol and lipid
  • Preventing digestive track cancer
  • Helping to lose weight

Black Bean Sprout

It has the functions of supplementing kidney, promoting Yang Qi, diuresis, reducing swelling, etc.  Western medicine certified that black bean sprout helps to reduce lipid and soften blood vessel.

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