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Traditional Chinese Medicine Tour

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Tour(TCM) includes these contents: Chinese medicinal herb/foods property, diagnosis, food therapy for common health, Taijiquan practice, 5-animal exercise learning, etc. It’s a chance to learn traditional Chinese culture and healthcare Chinese way as TCM is rooted in Chinese culture.

One day Traditional Chinese Medicine Tour


  • 8-9am Taiji quan Learning and practice
  • 9:30-10am Expert talking about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Dietary Therapy
  • 10-11:30am Chinese medicine workshop
  • 12-1:30pm Well being Lunch with curative foods for current season
  • 2-3pm 5-animal exercise learning and practice
  • 4-6pm Visiting acupuncture clinic
  • 7pm Wellbeing Dinner with medicinal foods

7-day or 14-day Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dietary Therapy Study Tour

Health Preservation Meal with Curative Foods

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