Longjing Green Tea

Long Jing Tea

Why does Longjing green tea help to lose weight?

It contributes the following factors.

  • The aromatic compounds in green tea can dissolve fat.
  • Vitamin B1, C and caffeine can promote gastric secretion to assist digestion.
  • The green tea catechins possesses antioxidation. It boosts metabolism and eliminates free radicals. By activating some enzymes it can reduce the accumulation of fat cell.

In view of TCM, green tea is cold nature, clearing away heat, suitable for those who always feel hot.

Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea

Long Jing Tea (Dragon Well tea)

Matters needing attention when drinking green tea:

  • Drinking green tea may cause anemia, so drink one hour after meals. Irony is already adsorbed then.
  • Less than 1000ml per day.
  • People with anemia, gastric ulcer, or in menstrual period don't drink green tea.

What kind of green tea should I drink?

Long Jing Tea Plantation

Long Jing Tea Village

Of course high quality green teas. They contain more nutrition. Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea is regarded as the best green tea in China. It was tribute tea in ancient China. Top grade Longjing tea is hand picked before April,5 each year. At that time it's not warm enough to have bugs, and no pesticide.

I visited Longjing village this spring(March,2011) and setup relationships with some local tea farmers. Each year they'll run of stock after August. Usually regular buyers (Longjing tea funs) began to book after Chinese New Year(end of January to early Febrary). So they can get the best quality tea. If you want to buy just click below button. (I cannot guarantee that I can still find real Longjing tea after August. So buy before August please.)

Free shipping!

Top Grade Long Jing Tea

The above two pictures are Longjing (Dragon Well) tea plantation and village.

Below two pictures, one is the tea trees. You can see the top leaf buds were already picked up. Another one shows that the tea farmer was stir-frying Longjing green tea.

The tea farmers in Longjing area only pick tea before April 4 as there is no bugs at that time. The tea will run out of stock at the end of August each year. It's summer now and is the best time to drink green tea. So hurry up! Don't miss the opportunity!

Longjing Tea

tea farmers are making Longjing tea

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