Free Diabetic Recipes

These diabetic recipes are either low GI food recipes, or diabetes diet therapy recipes according to the symptoms in view of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM).

People with diabetes fail to convert blood glucose into energy. Diabetes itself is not terrible, but it can cause life-threatening health complications such as eye problem, kidney failure, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Diabetes has Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is attributed to genetic. Type 2 is the result of improper lifestyle. So you can prevent or control Type2 by appropriate exercise and diet.

Sugar intake control is the most important. Just like different cholesterol containing foods having different effect on the cholesterol in the blood. Here is about cholesterol control: Researchers found that different carbohydrate containing food has different effect on our blood glucose levels. This is Glycemic Index(GI). Low GI food increases very little glucose level and needs long time to convert to glucose. While high GI food increases glucose level and quickly convert into glucose.

So people with diabetes should eat more low GI food and use these food in diabetic recipes.

Low GI food include:

Cereal: Bread toast with fruit, grain bread, Italian noodle, noodle, oat

Fruit: Apple, orange, pear, peach, banana.

Vegetable: Sweet corn, sweet potato, beans.

Snacks: Nuts.

Drinks: Milk, juice.

High GI food includes:

Cereal: White bread, whole wheat bread, doughnut,cornchips

Fruit: Watermelon

Vegetables: Fried potato, potato mud

Snack: Potato chips.

TCM holds that diabetes is caused by Yin deficiency and dryness-heat. And it is divided into three types depletion-thirst: Upper warmer depletion-thirst caused by excessive heat consuming lung Yin(typical symptoms - thirst); Middle warmer depletion caused by excessive heat consuming stomach Yin(typical symptoms - hungry); Lower warmer depletion caused by excessive heat consuming kidney Yin(typical symptoms - frequent and turbid pee).

Accordingly, diet should choose food that can nourish Yin, remove heat and fat. Sweet and Sour flavor can resolve Yin, and cold/cool can remove heat. The followings are some of the list.

Chinese food list for diabetic recipes:

Cereal: Millet, corn, red bean, barley,oat;

Vegetable: Chinese cabbage, spinach, white gourd, cucumber, naval bean, white fungus, seawead, tofu;

Fruit: Pear, orange, Chinese date, lotus seed, lily;

Meat: Duck, egg, fish,clam, water loach(Ni Qiu), sea cucumber.

Don't eat those food that can promote heat such as chilli,pepper, mutton, roasted chicken. Don't eat too much chicken, beef and other meat. Don't put too much fragrance seasonings when cooking as most of them are warm/hot.

Sugar control

Luo Hang Guo

There is a fruit called Corsvenor Momordica Fruit (Luo Hang Guo). It's 300 times sweet as that of sugar, but it's not sugar. So Luo Hang Guo can be used as a replacement of sugar in diabetic recipes.

Gymenama Leaves

There is a tea originated from India called Gymnema. Its leaves can prevent body from sugar absorption. Here is the details:

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