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Fatty Liver Diet

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Fatty liver diet is essential for both  alcoholic Fatty Liver disease and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease(NAFLD).  Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) holds that fatty liver disease is at the liver but related to the spleen, kidney, and gallbladder.

The fact of Fatty liver is the deficiency in nature but repletion in appearance

Nature- deficiency: deficiency in liver Qi and spleen Qi.

Appearance- Heat &damp; phlegm; blood stasis; Qi stagnation

Causes of Fatty liver  in view of TCM

  • Eating too much fat and greasy food
  • Attacked by heat and damp (Alcohol is regarded as containing extreme heat energy)
  • Qi stagnation
  • Chronic disease, weak

Treatment methods:

  • Invigorate Spleen
  • Remove dampness
  • Resolve phlegm
  • Promote blood circulation, reduce stasis

Accordingly, we should choose the following foods.

Clear heat: mung bean, green tea, kelp, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf, water melon, bitter melon, pear, Job's tears(薏米仁), celery, cucumber, tonghao(茼蒿), tomato, lily bulb(百合),Catsia tora(juemingz,决明子)

Remove dampness: Job's Tears, small red bean, white gourd, lotus root

Remove fat: hawthorn berry, black mushroom, black fungus, corn, eggplant, soybean, konjac, Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan,绞股蓝)

Release Qi Stagnation: tangerine peel, white radish, hawthorn berry.

Fatty Liver Symptoms&Types    

Fatty liver prevention


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