Healthy Beef Recipes and Guide

A Delicious and Healthy Choice

About Beef

To cook healthy Chinese Beef Recipes, you should learn the followings about beef.

Function of Beef: 

  • Energy and blood tonic;
  • Strengthen tendons and bones;
  • Tone the spleen and stomach
  •  Good to stomach eating in winter


Suitable for those: 

  • Young people in growth;
  • Patients who need to be take care of after operation or illness;


Don't for those: 

  • Old people,infant,poor digestion should eat less,or just eat    tender beef.
  • Those who have skin disease,liver disease, kidney disease should be careful.



  • It's better to eat one time each week. 80g per meal.
  • It's better to keep nutrition by simmering,stewing in clear broth when cooking;
  • It's easy to cook through to put a piece of hawthorn, skin of orange or some tea when simmering or stewing

  • Healthy Beef Recipes

    Beef Braise Recipe

    Beef Tenderloin Boil Recipe

    Roast Beef Recipe

    Beef with Potatoes Braise Recipe

    Beef sirloin strips Stew Recipe

    Oxtail Simmer Recipe (Mongolian style)

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