Obesity Diet Food-Vinegar


Vinegar is also obesity diet food. It contains volatile substances, amino acids, and organic acid. These can remove fat,promoting sugar and protein metabolism.

Eating amount of vinegar each day has good effect to lose weight.

Black Bean Marinated in Vinegar Recipe


100g black bean

300ml vinegar


1. a. Clean black bean,soak in water for more than 4 hours.

   b. Place black bean together with water in a cooker,(don't throw the soaked water,if the water is less,add more)

   c. Cook black bean over medium heat until the surface of the black bean break out,or thoroughly cooked.

2. After the cooked black bean is cooled, put in a bottle,add vinegar.

   Seal,soak for 1 day,serve.

Serving Method: Eating 30 grains of black bean per day. Continue eating about 2 weeks.

Beneficial Function: Black bean contains rich edible fibre,helping to defecation. Black bean contains vitamin B1 and E which can restore body energy and improve skin situation. Black bean also helps to lose weight.

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