Recipes for Low Fat Diet

Before cooking recipes for low fat diet, you should learn something about low fat diet, low fat food and hyperlipidemia,etc.

Low Fat Diet include

A. Low fat diet.

Suitable for
--Type I Hyperlipoproteinemia.
--Gallbladder, bile duct and pancreatic diseases.
--Poor absorption of fat digestion.

Fat intake restriction degree:
--Very striction: Below 10% of the whole heat intake.Fat(incl. cook oil) intake is less than 20g/day.
--Middle striction: Below 20% of the whole heat intake.Fat intake is less than 40g/day.
--Light striction: Below 25% of the whole heat intake. Fat intake is less than 50g/day.

B. Low saturated fatty acid and cholesterol diet

Suitable for
--Hypercholesterolemia, Hyperlipidemia grade triglycerides, high LDL hypercholesterolemia
--Atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease

If you are in condition with hyperlipidemia, you should much more go for low fat (low cholesterol) diet. Click here for more about hyperlipidemia

Low fat cooking tips

A. Material.

-- Replace low fat material with high fat to reduce fat and cholesterol. For example,

   replace full fat milk with skim milk;

   replace coconut milk juice with low fat milk plus coconut oil;

   replace barter,lard with olive oil and camellia oil,or other plant oil;

   replace mayonnaise with net taste of low-fat cheese;

   replace chocolate with cocoa powder.

-- Keep nutriment balance per 100g,increasing moderately soybean and its product,fresh vegetables and fruits.

-- Take out peel and fat meat when cooking meat.

B. Cooking method. Reducing usage of cooking oil. The best is to use methods of steaming, boiling, stewing, boiling and simmer, roasting, heating with vapor in airtight vessel,etc., avoiding deep-fry,pan-fry,quick-fry.

C. Using low fat cooking tools

--Waterless cookware,the best choice. Don't need cooking oil you can cook very delicious healthy food. Click here for more details about waterless cookware

-- Nonstick wok: help to reduce usage of cook oil

-- Fat separator,gravy separator: Separating superabundance fat in soup

-- Egg white and egg yolk separator: Separating egg yolk and only eat egg white to reduce cholesterol intake.

-- Electronic steamer: Steaming vegetables and meat,reducing usage of cook oil and the nutrient loss per 100g.

-- Baking oven: Putting meat in the oven grid to make much fat separated and lost.

D. Ingredients,replacing redundant cook oil with the following materials to taste:

-- Low fat ingredients: Soy juice,vinegar(lemon juice better),mustard,rice wine,Japanese pouring juice,tomato juice and fish sauce.

-- Non-fat material to add fragrance: shallot,ginger,garlic,pepper,fennel,chilli powder,prickly ash berry(Zanthoxylum),thyme,parsley,rosemary,oregano,basil,etc.

E. Others

-- Store cook oil in a sprayer,or only sweep/brush a thin layer of oil on the nonstick wok,thus reducing cook oil usage.

-- Replace low fat crisp bake with deep fry. Coat egg white on the meat/fish.Coat a layer of mashed millet slices or bread bran.Bake in a bake plate.It's as crispy and fragrant as that by deep fry.

-- Quick boil vegetables in chicken soup instead of stir-fry.

Low fat diet food

Cereal: barley,millet,sorghum rice, corn, seed of gordon euryale, oat, buckwheat.

Bean: soybean,black soybean,green soybean, kidney bean, pea, mung bean,small red bean, haricot bean.

Fungus: black mushroom, black fungus, oyster mushroom, winter mushroom, St George's Mushroom.

Vegetables: onion, white gourd, celery, leek, bitter melon, eggplant, carrot, cucumber, scallion, garlic, kelp,alga, clover blossom, tomato, swamp cabbage, ginger, green pepper, laver,etc.

Meat/fish: rabbit meat,oyster, pomfret.

Fruits: apple, grape, pear, haw, orange, strawberry, fresh date.

Vegetable oil: Vegetable oil contains unsaturated acid which can reduce cholesterol. Olive oil,camellia oil,and corn oil are best whle peanut oil and coconut oil take the second place.

Milk: Though milk contains cholesterol itself, it also contains substance which can restrain chelosterol's synthesis which surpass the amount of cholesterol that milk brings to our body.

Others: Tea, vinegar, medlar.

Chinese herbs:fleece flower root, artemisiae, tangerine peel.

Click here for Low fat diet food nutrition and function list

Recipes for low fat diet

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