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Leaf Tea

All kinds of teas are good lose weight foods. Tea contains theophylline, tea polyphenols, amino acids,vitamin,and other 400 organic matters. Tea also contains almost 30 kinds of minerals and trace elements including sodium, potassium, iron.

So tea itself is low fat food with rich nutrition.

Tea has the function of strengthen heart,diuresis,food digesting,removing greasiness,refreshment and recovering from fatigue.

Tea polyphenols has the function of reducing blood lipids,decomposing fat,and increasing capillary vessel activity.

Theophylline has the function of stimulating the metabolism and diuresis.

Drinking tea produces sense of satiety and reducing food intake.

So tea has the function of lose weight.

Tea can prevent hyperlipidemia by reducing serum cholesterol concentration and the ratio of cholesterol and phospholipid.

The following tea has obvious effect of lose weight.

1).Lose Weight Food- Dark Tea. The most famous dark tea is Puer Tea, which is from Yunan, China. *Dark tea has obvious restraining effect to abdomen fat accumulating.

Just brewed and dense dark tea is the best choice if you want to lose weight by drinking dark tea. Further more, you should insist to drink 1.5 Litre each day,one cup before and after meals for long time.

*Note: Here "Dark tea" is not what westerners usually refer to "Chinese black tea". Its color is deeper than red(black) tea and is one of Chinese six tea categories(white tea, yellow tea, green tea, Oolong tea, black tea ,and dark tea).

Dark tea is made from fermented Aspergillus Niger. A Punuoer component is produced in the fermentation process, which played a role in preventing the accumulation of fat.

Somebody made a trial. Besides feedstuff with 1% cholesterol, feeding rats with water,green tea and dark tea respectively,16 consecutive weeks later,their weight increase and visceral weight increase have no difference. But observe the fat on their abdomen,the one feeding with dark tea reduced more than 1/3. The test data are, the abdominal fat of the rat feeding with water is 8.7 grams, 7.9 grams with green tea, only 5.3 grams with dark tea.

Dark tea already existed for more than 400 years and especially produced in China, mainly produced in minority areas of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi,etc.

Minorities such as Tibetan, Mongolian and Uigur drink dark tea and dark tea is these minorities' one of necessary daily drinks. Dark tea digests meat and fat, adjusting three metabolism (glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism, water metabolism). That's one of the reasons that these minorities who take meat as main food are in low diabetes and prostate disease. Mongolian doctors think that dark tea is good to kidney.

For dark tea, the longer year to store,the better. But maybe we're not so used to its taste as these minorities,or maybe many people haven't found its value, dark tea is not so popular and no sales in other countries so far.

2).Lose Weight Food- Gymnema Leaf. Gymnema Leaf is native to india. Two thousand years ago,it was already used to be as treatment to cure diabetes and strengthen stomach and body. Its name is "sugar killed",that means you won't feel sweet if you eat sugar after drinking Gymnema Leaf tea. Gymnema Leaf can restrain sugar absorption efficiently and so will reduce sugar transforming into fat. Gymnema Leaf tea is specially suitable for obese people who like to eat carbohydrate and sweet food.

3).Lose Weight Food-Leaf Lotus!

Lose Weight Food: Lotus Leaf Tea Chinese ancient secret prescription for lose weight,made of flower,leaf and fruit of lotus. Leaf Lotus! tea will light your spirit,improve your complexion,and lose weight. To lose weight by lotus tea, you should drink first cup/pot strong brewed tea,best serving before meals and serve 4-6 times a day.It helps to defecation.

Good thing to lose weight by Leaf Lotus tea is that you don't need to diet. After drinking Leaf Lotus tea for a period of time, you would change your favorite taste to food, you will become not to like greasy food.

4).Lose Weight Food- Oolong Tea! : Oolong Tea! canburn body fat. Oolong Tea!is semi-fermented, almost no vitamin C, but rich in iron, calcium minerals, containing ingredients that promote digestive enzyme secreting and fat decomposing. drinking a cup of Oolong Tea! before and after a meal can promote fat decomposition, expelling fat before the fat is absorbed by body.This will prevent obesity from excessive fat intake.

5).Lose Weight Food-Leaf Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. Eucommia is a tree native to China. Its bark(its leaf has the same effect) is precious Chinese traditional medicine. According to China's ancient medical book recordings, eucommia has the function of anti-aging,strengthening body. Modern medical research shows that eucommia has the function of lowering blood pressure, defecation, diuresis, protect liver and lose weight. Janpanese test show that consecutive one month Eucommia intake willreduce neutral fat,or, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

6) Green Tea (Longjing Tea)
The most effective way is to drink hot green tea, suitable for those who always feel hot. I visited Longjing village and collected the best green tea from the tea farmers. Take a look.(click the above green tea).

Note when lose weight by tea:

1).Not everyone is suitable to tea. It's depends on your own conditions. If you feel uncomfortable, like stomach pain or unable to sleep after drinking tea, it would be better to stop.

2).Best to drink hot tea, and no sugar. The water should be controlled around 80°C -90°C. Better drink through within 30-60 minutes after tea is brewed. Otherwise, the nutritional content of tea will be oxidized.

3).Don't drink strong tea when you are on an empty stomach or before sleeping. And don't drink immediately after a meal, at about one hour more appropriate.

4).Don't take medicine with tea,especially lipid-lowering drugs to avoid failure of medicine efficacy.

5).Hyperlipidemic patients with severe heart, kidney should not drink too much tea one time. You should drink tea in a intermittent,a little and easy way.

Recipes with Tea.

Tips: At kitchen,tea can be used as ingredients to remove fishy smell, grease, and other uncomfortable smells.You can make use of both leaf tea and tea soup. Green tea leaves are tender,fresh and fragrant,taste good,so can be used as one of the materials. Leaves of dark tea,oolong tea taste bitter and acerbity and so better to use their soup. Eucommia is a very good ingredient.

Here we introduce two tea recipes

1). Roasted Eucommia-Marinated Chicken Wing


2 pieces of chicken wings

2 pieces of lemon

4 cups of eucommia tea,brewed

3 rice wine


1. Pour eucommia tea and rice wine into a big bowl(case).Place chicken wings and marinate in it.Place the bowl(case) in refrigerator one night.

2. On the 2nd day, take out the bowl and put the chicken into the oven. Roast until thoroughly cooked. Serve with lemon.

Chicken wing meat will become more tender and with better flavor after marinating in eucommia tea.

2). Paradise Longjing with Shrimp


1000g shrimps,4 pieces of shimps,around 250g each

5g fresh longjing(with leaf)

1 egg white

15g rice wine

3g salt

3g shallot

3g ginger

40g water-cornstarch

50g olive oil

50ml water


1. a.Peel shrimp,clean and drain well.

b.Mix salt and egg white,stir well. Add water-cornstarch,stir well.Marinate 1 hour.Set aside.

2. Brewing longjing tea with 50ml boiled water in a cup. 1min later, discard 20ml tea liquid,leaving the rest 30ml tea and liquid.

3. a.Heat the oil in a wok until about 110C. Pour in shrimps,stir-fry until shrimps turn into white color turned,or 1/4 cooked.

b.Add shallot,ginger,stir several time.

c.Add longjing tea,stir, add rice wine,stir quickly until thoroughly cooked.

4. Arrange in the dish,serve.

Tips. This is a famous dish in Hangzhou,called "Paradise Dish".(Hangzhou is so beautiful that people call it Paradise in the world).It's jade white shrimps with verdure green color leaf tea,fresh and tender,fragrant,unique flavor,and in a good shape.It is always served to honorable guests. In 1972 former U.S. President Richard Nixon visited China, in Hangzhou, a banquet was hosted in honor of Premier Zhou Enlai. When the waiter showed Paradise Longjing Shrimp dishes, people were full of praise.

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