Cold and Flu

What is difference between Cold and flu ?

When virus infects our upper respiratory tract, it causes colds. Colds are classified into common cold and influenza or flu in short.

Common cold is mild,resulted from rhino virus infection. It's mainly characterized by nasal and throat symptoms. Influenza or flu is due to flu virus infection which has serious symptoms such as high fever,severe headache and sore limbs. Some flu may become pandemic which even cause death such as bird flu, swine flu (H1N1 flu),etc.

Cold and flu symptoms

Nasal stuffiness, nasal discharge, sneezing, cough,sore throat, aversion to cold, fever, headache, general aching. Severe flu may have vomit and diarrhea which is called "Stomach Flu".

Cold and flu season

It's easy to get cold in spring,late autumn and winter.

Cold and flu prevention

To adapt the change of the weather temperature.Take some clothing off if warm; Add more clothing and if cold.

Arrange breakfast,lunch and dinner at regular time. Don't eat too full on each meal. Eat with warm. Don't eat food that is too hot or too cold. Don't eat greasy or strong flavor food. Drink more warm plain water.

Sleep and get up regularly. Do more exercise. Have more sleep and rest. Sometimes the reason to cause cold is that we have less sleep.

Keep a quiet mind and relax. Worry and stress will cause Qi flow problem inside our body which will be easy to be affected by flu virus.

Cold and flu treatment, remedies, cures, relief

Here we won't discuss cold medicine. We'll introduce some home natural remedies,including food therapy and herbal treatment. Right diet and food therapy are the best way to cure common cold, especially when it's on the early stage. Even if you get flu or you are in medication treatment, proper diet can be used as an assistance. Actually some food therapies relief symptoms very fast. Below is some home food remedy recipes. Click here for details of home remedies for cold

a. Scallion White and White Radish Drink

15g scallion white,30g white radish,3g coriander.

b. Ginger with Mint Drink

3g Mint leave,3g ginger, 3g Chinese date

c. Mulberry leaf with Chrysanthemum and Reed Rhizome(Lu Gen)

3g mulberry leaves,3g chrysanthemum,10g reed rhizome

d. Mint with Pear Porridge

3g mint leaf, 1 pear, 6 Chinese date(kernel removed), 50g rice

e. Herba houttuyniae salad (Yu Xing Chao)

f. Purslane Salad

Herbal treatment for cold and flu

These herbal recipes can be used to prevent swine flu and cure cold.

A. For adult

a. (TAI ZI SHEN)Heterophylly Falsestarwort Root 10g,(SU YE)Perilla leaf 6g,(HUANG QIN)SCUTELLARIAE 10g,Burdock 10g

Suitable for those who are weak and vulnerability to cold.

b. (DA QING YE)FOLIUM ISATIDIS 5g,(ZI CAO)Root of Redroot Gromwel l5g,Raw liquorice 5g

Function: To clear away heat and toxin.

Suitable for those who are with red complexion, pimple on face,dry mouth,throat and stool,etc.

c. Mulberry leaf 10g,(BAI MAO GEN) RHIZOMA IMPERATAE 15g,honeysuckle 12g

Function: To clear away heat,disperse heat in lung.

Suitable for those who are with red complexion,dry mouth,throat and nose,desire for cold,dry stool,yellow pee.

d. Perilla Leaf 10g,(PEI LAN)Fortune Eupatorium Herb 10g,Tangerine peel 10g

Function: To invigorate spleen,remove dampness.

Suitable for those who are with dark complexion, abdominal distention,diarrhea.

B. For Children:

(HUO XIANG)Agastache rugosus 6g, perilla leaf 6g, honeysuckle 10g, Hawthorn 10g

Function: To clear away heat,eliminate food stagnation.

Suitable for children who are with such symptoms as food stagnation, bad smell mouth,or dry stool.

Serving Method For the above herbs:

Soak in 500ml cold water for 30mins. Decoct 20mins. Filter. Divide soup into two equal parts. Drink in the morning and in the evening(2 times a day). Continue to drink 3-5 days or till the symptoms relieved.

Note: Pregnant woman not allowed.

You can bought these herbs in local oriental drug store. If it's not available,please contact me

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