Heart Healthy Diet

Heart healthy diet is so important in keeping a healthy heart status. What and how much should we eat? How should we balance the intake of heat, fat, cholesterol, sugar, and protein? All the answers of these questions can be found here, or at least,you can get some tips.

Health and Balanced Diet Whether we have heart disease or not, we need to achieve whole and balanced nutrition. That means we have requirements on both certain food quantity and appropriate nutrient proportion. It's harmful for our body to lack or over-eat any nutrient.(pls click the above title for more details)

Heat Control and Obesity If we eat too much high heat foods surplus heat will turn into fat and store in our body. This will cause heart artery disease, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc.

To control heat intake, we must control daily meal gross quantity...

Reasonable food construction is also important in heat intake control...

But excessive diet may cause malnutrition and hurt our health. Excessive diet may even cause myocardial infarction...(pls click the above title for more details)

Heart Healthy Diet and Fat Intake Control Over-intake of saturated fat and cholesterol cause hyperlipidemia while hyperlipidemia is one of the reasons that cause coronary disease. So control fat intake is very important in heart healthy diet. Fat intake should be 20-25% of the total heat intake each day, in which animal fat should be less than 1/3.

Fat intake too low is also harmful to heart disease patients...(pls click the above title for more details)

Cholesterol Diet Cholesterol in food is different from that in blood. You eating high cholesterol food doesn't mean that you have high cholesterol in blood.

Don't take egg as poison. Though egg yolk contains high cholesterol, it contains lecithin which can reduce cholesterol in blood plasma....(pls click the above title for more details)

Sugar Intake Control Some experts think that coronary heart disease is not only caused by too much animal fat intake, too much sugar intake is also one of the causes. Sugar stimulates too much cholesterol synthesizing in the body and so increases the gross amount of the cholesterol in the blood.....(pls click the above title for more details)

Recipes for Heart Healthy Diet

Hawthorn Drinks
a. Hawthorn with Chinese Date Drink Recipe
b. Hawthorn with Carrot Drink Recipe
c. Hawthorn with Peanut Drink Recipe

Tofu and Celery with Millet Congee Recipe

Rabbit Meat with Cashew Stir Fry Recipe

Steamed Lotus Root Stuffed with Mung Bean and Carrot


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