High Blood Pressure Diet

High blood pressure diet is one of the natural remedies for hypertension.

What is normal blood pressure?

When systolic blood pressure is less than 130mmhg while diastolic blood pressure is less than 85mmhg, you are in normal status.

The idea status is when systolic is less than 120mmhg while diastolic is less than 80mmhg.

What is high blood pressure (HBP)?

If your blood pressure keeps above 140/90, then you'll be diagnosed to have hypertension. If your blood pressure keeps at 130-139/85-89, then you have the danger to become hypertension. If you have diabetes or chronic disease, then 130/85 or above is considered to be hypertension.

Below is blood pressure chart

Category Systolic(mmHg)        Diastolic(mmHg)
Idea <120 and <80
Normal <130 and <85
Prehypertension 130-139 or 85-89
High blood pressure                                       
Stage1 140-159 or 90-100
Stage2 160 or above or 100 or above

In stage 1 no organs such as heart or kidney have obvious damage or dysfunctions.

In stage 2 some organs have obvious damage or dysfunction.


In early stage, blood pressure only rise slightly and temporarily when patient has tension or emotional wave, or after the patient overworks. Patient has the following symptoms:

High blood pressure causes

a. Family factors.

b. Diet and nutrition

c. Unhealthy lifestyle

d. Emotion

dangers of high blood pressure

If not well controled, HBP will develop into complications including heart and kidney disease.

It may lead to:

  • Heart failure
  • Blood clot
  • Stroke
  • Kidney failure

Food to lower blood pressure

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, much high blood pressure is caused by liver heat while liver heat affects heart heat. So most green vegetables can clear away liver heat including celery, green bell pepper,asparagus,shepherd's-purse,etc.

Tomato,purple cabbage and purple eggplant are good foods to reduce HBP.

Mung bean soup can be used as drinks.

High blood pressure diet should include whole wheat,coarse grain and food rich in Calcium such as seafood, sesame seed,etc.

For obese people, your blood pressure can be greatly reduced if you lose weight to normal level. So, most obesity diet food are good to you.

Many HBP people are Yin deficiency, so should eat some food which nourish Yin such as duck, beef tendon,abalone, mussel, clam, black fungus,mushroom, etc.

Food to avoid eat: Roasted meat,sausage,deep fried food, cookies made of refined grains,iced water/drinks,etc.

High blood pressure recipes

Mung bean soup for hypertension

Eggplant Salad Recipe

Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe

White Radish Juice with Apple and Green Bell Pepper

Abalone Soup

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