Obesity Diet Foods- Mung Bean

Mung Bean

Mung Bean is healthy obesity diet food,containing rich protein,sugar,but less fat. It also contains carotene,vitamin B1,B2,E,many kinds of minerals and trace elements.

Mung Bean Soup has the function of clearing heat,benefiting Chi,being anti-thirsty,supplementing water and minerals in time. So it's one of the best drinks for those who are working in summer or in high-temperature environment.

Mung Bean has the function of detoxification.In case in the situation of lead poisoning. pesticide poisoning, alcoholism, or taking wrong medicine, feeding the victim a bowl of mung bean soup is one of the emergency treatment.

Modern medical researches show that,mung bean contains a kind globin and polysaccharide which have effect to lose weight and reduce blood lipid.

Obesity Diet Food- Mung Bean Recipe:

Buckwheat with Mung Bean Porridge


100g Buckwheat

100g mung bean

50g rice

5g fennel powder

2g salt

500g water


1. Clean buckwheat, mung bean and rice.

   Boil water in a boiler.

   Add the above material to the boiling water,stir,bring to boil again.

2. Cook for 50mins over low heat.(or until grains of mung bean are crushed)

   Stir once a while during cooking.

   Add fennel powder and salt to taste.

   Cook for 10mins over high heat.Serve.

Serving Method:(4 servings)

Serving in the morning and in the evening.100g per serving. Better serving in summer.

Nutritional Information

Energy: 812kcal(203kcal per serving)

Protein: 35g

Fat: 3g

Sugar: 161g

Edible Fibre: 13g

Benefit Function: Help to lear heat,lower blood pressure,remove fat and lose weight. Suitable for those who get Simple Obesity with high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia.

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