Men's Health Recipes

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Men's health recipes are for men used in men's health fitness, diet, men's health fitness, men's issues.

1. Men's Health Nutrition

Men's health nutrition required is different from that of women. As men are stronger than women, so your muscles are more developed, requiring more engergy heat.

Men's daily meals should pay attention to the following's nutrients intake: short-chain fatty acids, flavonoids, lycopene, arginine, lignin, magnesium, chromium, Zinc, antioxidants, Vitamin B6 and Folic acid......

2. Mens Health Fitness and Diet
Four Diet Principles for Mens Health Fitness

Controlling diet habit can change our body shape, improve our ability to anti-disease, and improve our activity and life span......

Foods For Mens Health Fitness and Beauty:Cabbage, Chinese cabbage, Spinach,Leek,Caraway,Shallot, Purslane, White Gourd, towel Gourd,Balsam pear, reduce sugar, prevent cancer,tomato,Capsicum,Longan Pulp,Chinese Date,Walnut kernel, Pine Nut,Pork Skin,Rabbit Meat,Fish,Egg,Milk,Honey......

Right Way to Supplement Protein for Mens Health Fitness:

A. Protein intake should be comprehensive
B. Improve protein digestive rate.
C. Supplementing protein economically

3. Men's Muscle Increase and Diet

A. How to let muscle eat well

B. Long term musle increase diet plan

Other men's health recipes

Fruit recipes for men's health

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