Obesity Diet Food- Wheat Bran

Wheat Bran

Wheat bran is healthy obesity diet food riching in vitamine B and dietary fibre. Eating regularly can promote motility of intestines,improving defecation and cycle of liver and intestines,and reducing cholesterol level.

Almost all people can benefit from eating wheat bran. For those who are with obesity should often eat wheat bran and its food products.

Obesity Diet Food- Wheat Bran Recipe

Wheat Bran Haw Cake Recipe


50g wheat bran powder

50g tuckahoe powder

50g glutinous rice powder

30g haw powder

100g millet powder


1. Mix all the powder with water (about 150g water),stir into paste.

2. Divide the paste into 8 pieces, put into cake model respectively.(If no cake model,then just put on the cloth of steamer drawer.)

3. Steam for 30mins over high heat.

4. Let it stay for 3mins before take out.

Serving Method:(8 servings)

Serve as main food at breakfast,lunch or/and dinner. One piece(about 50-58g/pc) per serving.

Nutritional Information:

Heat: 493kcal(62kcal per serving)

Protein: 17g

Fat: 4g

Sugar: 96g

Edible Fibre: 58g

Beneficial Function: Invigorate the circulation of blood, remove stasis. Suitable for Simple Obesity,especially for those who are with hyperlipidemia, fatty liver and hypertension.

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