Obesity Diet Food-Tuber Fleeceflower

Tuber Fleeceflower

Tuber fleeceflower is traditional Chinese medicine,also a healthy obesity diet food. It contains rich nutrition including amino acids,trace element,P,and vitamine,ect.

Tuber fleeceflower restrains increase of serum cholesterol content,reduce cholesterol and fat intake,and prevent fat accumulation in liver.

So tuber fleeceflower is suitable for those who are simple obesity compound hypertension,fatty liver,and coronary heart disease.

Obesity Diet Food- Tuber Fleeceflower Recipe

Haw and Astragalus Root with other Chinese Herbs Soup


30g Haw

30g Astragalus Root

30g sulforaphane

30g cistanche

20g Tuber fleeceflower

20g alisma orientalis

15g Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae

15g Radix Stephaniae Tetrandrae


Note: It should cook two times,and mix together the soups.

1. a. Add all the material in a cassrole,add cold water until the water is the first-section of a finger more of the material.

   b. Soak the material in the water for 30mins.

2. a.Heat the material for 30mins over low heat.

   b. Pour out the soup over filter.

3. a.Repeat 1.

   b.Repeat 2.

   c. Mix up two soups,drink two times,drink when the soup is warm.

Serving Method.(2 servings)

Two times a day,serve in the morning before breakfast and at 4pm before dinner.Continue to drink more than 2 months will get good effect.

Nutritional Information:

Heat: 134kcal

Protein: 6g


Sugar: 7g

Edible Fibre: 12g

Beneficial Function: Benefit Chi,nourish blood,mild and be good to water,remove fat and lose weight. Suitable for those who are with Tumorous Obesity caused by Chi and blood deficiency.

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