Obesity Prevention

Obesity Prevention

1. Change to/or Keep Reasonable Diet.

In history,the produce of Obesity is closely relative with the riseing of people's living standard and the changing of diet structure.

It has been a consensus that adjusting diet structure and changing diet habit play an important role in Obesity prevention.

Diet controlling is not a matter of overnight but a long term insistence. You must insist in long time enough to change your previous living habit and diet habit, Controlling energy intake long-term, increasing energy consumption, and then totally solving the problem of energy intake greater than consumption.

 1) Reasonably controlling energy intake. Avoid reducing too fast but in proper sequence.

   Adults with obesity may control to lose weight 0.5-1.0kg per month,or reduce 125-250Cal energy intake steadily per month.

   Adults with medium or above obesity should control more strictly to lose weight 0.5-1.0kg per week, or reduce energy intake 550-1100 Cal per day.

2) Limiting to sugar and fat intake.

   Sugar has low sense of satiety, so it's easy to cause high appetite. Too much sugar will convert into fat inside your body.

   Avoid to eat Sugar, honey, confection and sweet cakes. Try edible fibre as possible as you can.

   For the same kind of food, choose the one with low heat energy.

   Seafood contains lower heat energy than other meat,

   Fowl contains lower heat energy than poultry.

   Lean meat contains lower heat energy than fat meat.

   Skim milk contains lower heat energy than full cream.

   Green leaves vegetable contains lower heat energy than root vegetable.

3) Eating more vegetable and fruit.

   Vegetables, especially green leaf vegetables, contain more vitamin C and carotin which can improve anti-disease ability.

   Vegetables and fruit are high moisture content, big size, but low heat.

   Vegetables and fruit contain rich edible fibre which have the function of removing fat,reduce sugar,and help digestion. So they help to lose weight effectively and prevent metabolic disease.

   Persons with obesity should eat vegetables above 500g,250 of which should be seasonal green leave vegetables. Meanwhile you should make use of some melons, edible fungus and alga's function of helping to remove fat and lose weight.

   Persons with obesity usually eat too much. You should reduce it into a normal level during losing weight period. At the beginning you must feel unused to and always feel hungry.You may eat vegetbales such as cucumber,tomato,melon,radish,etc. to buffer your hungry feels caused by losing weight.

4). Eating more food containing rich water. Water needed by our body is from direct drinking water and the water containing in all kinds of food we eat. It is required to have 2500ml water intake for per person per day.

    Water helps to stimulate body-fat to metabolize, restraining appetite, and diuresis and excreting. Insufficient water inside your body will cause low fat metabolism and so cause fat accumulation.

5). Following up rule of insipid diet. Edible salt possess hydrophilicity. Extra salt intake will cause water retention,blood volume increase and weight increase. Extra salt intake is also easy to cause hypertension and heart attack.

    WHO suggest only 2g intake per person each day. Chinese diet habit and cook methods make more salt intake,so we should pay attention when using cooking Chinese food at this point. 

6). Taking suitable cooking method and adjusting number of meal times. Persons who are Obesity should take cooking methods such as steaming,boiling,stew/braise,roast,etc.but avoiding deep-fry and even pan-fry. So it's better not to eat Sweet and Sauce Pork and Soft Deep-fry Pork loin (Spicy and Salt Pork loin).

    It's better to abide the rule of "eat less each meal but eat more meals" .Traditionally, we have three meals one day, but now it's popular suggestion for obese people to have 5-6 meals a day but eat less at each meals. However,it's case by case.

7). Preparing diet that is suitable for long-term application. Controlling diet is one of the most important methods of losing weight,but it may cause malnutrition and other diseases because of long-term eating less. So when persons with obesity choose food and cooking methods, you should not only guarantee low heat but also make sure the comprehensive nutrition, matchable color,smell and taste, and constant food category change.

2. Sport/out-door activities. If Obese people want to lose weight by physical activities, you should take proper sequence,choose items that suitable for you,and go for step by step. Some sport activities such as jog,walk,or swim,etc can exercise your whole body and last long time. These items maybe your first choice.

3. Other Methods. Medication,operation,needle therapy,ChiGong,local massage,etc. Each method has its fit and tabu. You should choose and take action under the doctor's guide. No matter which method you choose,you'll get effective result on the base of scientific diet and suitable physical activities.

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