Obesity Diet Food- Corn


Steamed Cornmeal Bread with Chinese Date On

Corn is healthy obesity diet food, rich in food fibre, helping to stimulate intestinal motility and accelerate excretion, preventing constipation, colitis, and colorectal cancer.

Nutrient content contained in corn embryo increases metabolism, adjusts the nervous system, and reduce lipemia. eating regularly is good to your longevity.

Corn beard has effect to lose weight,reduce sugar, clear heat and diuresis. Drinking corn beard tea or juice cooked from it can obviously remove fat and lose weight.

Corn oil can lower serum cholesterol, preventing hypertension and coronary heart disease. So corn is healthy food to lose weight.

Tips,corn contains less tryptophan, so corn shouldn't be used as long-term main food. It's better to serve mixing with chestnut,wheat,legume, and soybean.

Obesity Diet Food- Corn Recipe

Cornmeal Cake Cube Cornmeal Cake Steamed Cornmeal Bread

Corn Powder with Haw Cake


50g corn powder

60g flower

20g haw powder

10g yeast

80g water


1.a. Mix corn powder,flour, yeast, and water(use warm water in winter),stir well.

b. Put in a warm place until the paste ferment(about 60mins).

c. Mix haw powder in the fermented paste,stir evenly.

2.a. Spread the paste on the cloth of a steamer drawer.

b. Steam 20mins over medium heat.(You also can use oven to cook).

c. Turn off heat, stay 5mins with steamer cover.

d. Take out and cut into small pieces.serve.

Serving Method:(4 servings)

Serve as main food at breakfast,lunch or dinner. 50g per serving.

Nutritional Information:

Heat: 454kcal(114kcal per serving)

Protein: 11g

Fat: 3g

Sugar: 97g

Edible Fibre: 4g

Beneficial Function:Remove blood stasis,remove fat and lose weight. Suitable for Simple Obesity,especially for those who are also with hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, and hypertention.

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