Obesity Diet Food-Apple


Apple is healthy obesity diet food which contains rich nutrition including protein, complex carbohydrates,dietary fibre,many kinds of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Clinical observation shows that, if persons who are with obesity and hypertension eating 1-3 apples per day,they can prevent cholesterol increase and fat increase. Further more,it helps to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar level.

Apple contains high Potassium, rich in cellulose and organic acids,promoting motility of stomach and intestine,reducing cholesterol intake,helping to lose weight.

Obesity Diet Food-Apple Recipe

Fruits and vegetables Juice Recipe


200g watermelon,green part(not the red kernel but the part close to the peel)

200g cucumber

100g celery

1 piece apple

150g honey


1. a.Clean watermelon,peel,cut into small cubes.

   b.Clean apple,remove pedicel and seeds,cut into small cubes.

   c.Clean cucumber,cut into small cubes.

   d.Clean celery,cut into small section.

2. a. Put all the above water and fruits pieces into a juice extractor,stir into juice.

   b. Pour out juice in a big bowl,add honey,stir well.

   c. Put juice in a bottle and store up in a cold place.

3. Drink one cup one time. You can directly drink or add 1/3 water.

Beneficial Function: Watermelon,apple,cucumber and celery have the function to lose weight. The mixed juice contains more nutritions and easy to be adsorbed.

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