Cough Remedies

There are many kinds of cough remedies.

Before you apply them you should know what cause your cough. Otherwise your cough may become worse.

Cough is a very common symptom which is caused by cold, heat,dryness or weakness of the body. Some coughs can be cured easily by proper diet or drugs.

When it becomes constant cough, or asthma cough, or whooping cough, especially for the infant/baby, that's a big trouble and problem, or even dangerous.

How to stop a cough?

First, stop drinking cold/iced drinks and raw food. Iced drinks and raw food will bring coldness to the lung and so cause cough.

In winter it's easy to get cough by cold. Eat some warm nature food such as ginger, shallot, garlic, white radish, warm chicken soup, etc. The symptoms of cough caused by cold are white sputum and white tongue coach. A cold environment will aggravate the cough and the symptoms while a warm environment will alleviate the cough.

If it's caused by lung heat, the symptoms are yellow sputum and red tongue. Eat some food which can clear away heat such as Chrysanthemum Tea, pear,olive fruit, loquat, etc.

Dry cough(without sputum) is caused by lung dryness or Yin deficiency. Home food remedy include sesame oil, honey, pear, egg white soup, rice porridge,etc.

During cough treatment, after you take medicine for 3 days, if there is no any cough relief or even worse you should stop eating that drug and do further diagnose.

Not only lung, all organs such as stomach, spleen, kidney, liver can cause cough. Sometimes, if your cough cannot cure for a long time that maybe the problem of your other organs. Especially for kids, if they always cough you should take care of their stomach and improve their anti-disease ability.

Whooping cough usually has three stages, so you'd better adopt different treatment according to different stages. In early stage, therapy principle should be dispel coldness or clear away heat; in middle stage,nourish lung; in late stage,nourish lung and/or strengthen spleen.

Cough Remedies Recipes

Scallion White and White Radish Drink

Ginger with Mint Drink

Mulberry leaf with Chrysanthemum and Reed Rhizome(Lu Gen)

Mint with Pear Porridge

herba houttuyniae salad (Yu Xing Chao)

Purslane Salad

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