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AnnaFoodTherapy Studio

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AnnaFoodTherapy Studio Offers TCM based Food Therapy education, medicinal foods and herbs, consultant, etc.


Before the existence of the modern medicine, human beings depends solely on foods, herbal medicines, and other natural methods to treat diseases and preserve health. Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) established under such practices and formed a unique theory rooted in Chinese culture. Our ancestors found herbal medicine during searching foods. So some materials are both foods and medicines. Till today some herbal medicines often appear in everyday’s plates while some foods are often seen in doctor’s prescriptions.


TCM is called preventive medicine. The treatment philosophy of TCM is to prevent, treating before a disease happens. The priority of treatment is to use food. Medicine is used only after food is failed to cure.


Chinese food therapy, or Chinese dietary therapy, or Chinese nutrition diet, has a long history. It’s under the guidance of TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory, by making use of food properties, and taking appropriate cooking method to make into curative foods to regulate bodily function and get to health status or cure illnesses at early stage.

Some curative foods are made of pure foods, called food therapy(食疗).

Some curative foods are the combination of foods and medicinal herbs, called medicinal food(药膳).

However, foods and herbal medicine are from the same origin. Some materials are both foods and medicine such as ginger, coix seed, Chinese date, Chinese yam, etc.

By Following Chinese Food Therapy rules, we can avoid many diseases. In case we get an illness we can cure at an early stage by using foods. This is especially useful to keep children’s health. 


Anna Na is a registered Food Therapy coach. She studied TCM based food therapy for 10 years. Her work inspires many people world wide to cook and eat healthy. Her popular food therapy blog (www.healthy-chinese-recipe.com) counts top professionals such as Dr. Thomas McGuire, professor of health economics at Harvard Medical School and her work has been featured on NPR.


AnnaFoodTherapy Studio offers the following services.

TCM based Food Therapy Training Program

Healthy Chinese Cooking Classes including Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking Class

Traditional Chinese Medicine Tour: Based on four seasons or 24-solar-term

Healthy eating consultant/solutions: For restaurants, corporates, family, and individual

Products: handmade foods, materials(superfoods) used both as foods and medicine.

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