Bamboo Shoots salad

This Bamboo Shoots salad picked fresh material,using as little seasonings as possible. So it keeps original refresh flavor.

bamboo shoots salad

2 pieces fresh bamboo shoots(about 200g)

2 teaspoon sesame oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 lemon


1. Peel bamboo shoots,clean,cut into small pieces.

2. Quick boil in water(about 3mins), take out,drain well.

3. Put in a dish,add sesame oil,salt,sprinkle lemon juice,stir well,serve.

Serving Method:(4 servings)

Serve as side dish at breakfast,lunch,or dinner.

Beneficial Function: Bamboo shoot is rich in dietary fiber which can promote bowel motility,help digestion,prevent constipation and colon cancer. It contains high protein,less starch,suitable for coronary heart disease,hypertension,diabetes and arteriosclerosis.

Bamboo shoot adsorbs fat,promote digestion and excretion. So it's a good choice for obese people.

Note: Bamboo shoot can be cooked with meat, or add in soup. Its taste is fresh. If you want to tastes its faint scent flavor, the best is to cook simple,adding ingredients as little as possible,especially for fresh bamboo shoot. Whatever cooking method, you'd better quick boil in water first to remove oxalic acid. And so, don't cook with food containing high Calcium such as tofu. When cutting,you can cut vertical near the needle top while cut across at the end wide part.

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