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Chicken Soup Recipe Chicken Soup Chinese soup

This Chinese chicken soup is made of chicken breast. Simple but carefully made.The chicken is delicate and as soft as bean curb jelly. The soup is fresh delicious. The color is bright with green spinach. This is the soup that President Obama served when visiting Beijing.

Feature of Chicken Jelly Soup:

Green Chicken Jelly Soup (Cui Zhi Ji Dou Hua Tang)


150g chicken breast,

10g ham,

120g egg white,

50g pea seedling,

2 spinach leaves

150g GAZPACHO(cold soup)

10g soybean powder

1g pepper,white

1000g stock


1. Clean chicken breast,cut into thin flakes. Beat into mud by the back of the knife. Put in a bowl,pour in 100g GAZPACHO to loose the chicken mud.

2. Beat egg white till bubble. Add 1g salt and soybean powder.Stir well. Add 50g GAZPACHO.

3. Put egg white mixture(from step 2) in chichen mixture (from step1).Stir into chicken plasma

4. Cut ham into small thread;

5. Add 1000g stock in a saucepan,add 3g salt,bring to a boil.

6. Pour in the chicken plasma. Carefully stir several times making sure the chicken soaked in the soup. Turn into low heat, simmer till chicken plasma becomes chicken jelly(about 5-10mins).

7. Quickly boil the pea sprout,then put on the bottom of a bowl.Spread pepper. Scoop chicken jelly(step 6) and put on the pea sprout. Add some soup from step 6. Add spinach leaves on the top beside the chicken,spread ham. Serve.

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