Stewed Chicken Ham Recipe


5 oz(150g) chicken ham meat

3 tbsp scallion oil(see below)

7 oz (200ml) high stock

1 tsp salt, or to taste

1 tsp rice wine

5 tsp soy sauce

7 tsp cornstarch


1. Make the scallion oil by cooking 2 tbsp chopped scallions in 3 tbsp oil until the scallions becomes fragrant.

   Discard the scallions and set the oil aside.

2. Cut the ham meat into 1.5 inch chunks.

3. Pour the stock into a wok and stir in the salt,rice wine and soy sauce.

   Bring to boil and add the chicken pieces, skin side down.

   Simmer over medium heat, until the sauce has reduced by about 2/3, and the meat becomes tender.

4. Stir the cornstarch-water mixture and add to the wok.

   Cook, stirring until thickened.

   Pour the scallion oil over all, and serve.

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