Constipation Remedies

Principle of constipation remedies

As constipation causes are complicated, in case you got constipation( you can judge through this page:, you should go to see a doctor for a diagnose,finding the exact cause of constipation. Thus, you can adopt right remedy suitable for you.

Becareful when taking laxation medicine. Take appropriate laxation only when necessary and under the doctor's guide.

For most people,constipation remedies should include:

  • Right breakfast to stimulate stomach and colon reaction

  • Going to washroom before going to work or going to school in the morning.

  • Going to the washroom as soon as your body has the bowel movement requirement.

  • Eating more food and fruits which contain much dietary fiber.

  • Drinking enough water.

  • Drinking cold cooked water or juice,or milk if milk is suitable for you in the morning.

  • Always doing sit-ups and abdominal massage to increase abdominal muscle contractility

Simple constipation remedies

Drinking vinegar

  • Every morning when you get up and your stomach is still empty,drink a cup of warm-cold cooked water with a tablespoon vinegar added in.

  • Drink additional a cup of warm-cold cooked water after breakfast. Then have a walk for 30-60mins.Then you may have bowel movement at noon. You'll get good result if you insist for years.

Drinking laver soup when your stomach is empty

Drink 1 or 2 cup of laver soup when your stomach is empty in the morning. Or drink some laver soup before each meal. Please note that the laver soup should be warm and it's better to add some vinegar.

Constipation remedy for old people: Sweet potato porridge

1/2 cup rice,1/2 cup millet,1 cup sweet potato(best the flesh is red),1000ml water,cook into sweet potato porridge. Serve before and after dinner. There will be bowel movement on the second day. No side effect for long time serve.

Abdomen massage and shrinking

Massage abdomen or/and repeat shrinking abdomen will help bowel movement. When bowel movement, press the navel with both hands crossly,massage along clockwise direction. Meantime shrink and relax the abdomen.

Dither upper body to help bowel movement

When you feel difficult to make bowel movement, dither upper body while repeat shrink and relax your abdomen at the same time. Your bowel movement may become smooth without waiting long time.

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