Constipation Treatment

In China there are variety constipation treatments:

  • Body massage

  • Foot massage

  • Hand massge

  • Ear point massge

  • Cupping treatment

  • Scraping

  • Chinese herb

  • Paste apply

  • Fumigating(Herbal bathe)

  • moxibustion

  • Medicined diet and diet

  • Exercise

  • Music treatment

  • Psycology treatment

All the above can be made at home. Here we only introduce medicined diet constipation treatment.

Traditional Chinese herbalist doctors treat our body as a whole when curing diseases. So bowel movement function is related to any of other organs. Human with nature is harmonious. Bowel movement just likes boating. Boat sailing must meet the three requirements: Motivity, water,unobstructed riverway. Lacking any of them the boat cannot move.

Bowel movement has the same principle. Large intestine's conduction functin cannot work properly, then constipation will form because of the lost of the motivity. Chinese Medicine herbalist doctors adopt the treatment method of " Blast and raise the sail". If the constipation is caused by the shortage of body fluid(Jing Ye in Chinese) in large intestine, then doctors adopt the treatment of "Increasing water to let the boat sail".

Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist doctors treat constipation patients according to their body constitution's deficiency, filled, coldness, hotness.

Constipation caused by filled:

I. Accumulating heat in stomach and intestines:


  • Bowel movement dry and hard.

  • Abdomen feels filled and swelled.

  • Pain when pressed. Body hot and face red.

  • Mouth dry and bad smell.

  • Sore in mouth and tongue.

  • Feeling upset and insomnia.

  • Urine red and yellow. Tongue red.

  • Tongue coating yellow and dry.


  • Yang in the body is excessive.

  • Drinking too much alcohol.

  • Eating too much chilli or spicy food or thick flavor food

  • After fever,caused by left heat

  • Dryness and heat in lung move to the intestine

All the above will cause stomach and interestine to accumulat heat,consuming and spoiling body fluid. Thus intestinal tract becomes dry and unsmooth,forming heat-constipation.

Constipation treatment principle: Clear heat,defecation.

Should and should not for meal preparation:

Should eat more food rich in dietary fibers,vegetables, fruits, cold-cooked-light-salt-water, honey,vegetable oil. Should eat cold foods and herbs such as celery, cole, radish, cucumber, banana, pear, chufa,sugar cane, dandelion, honeysuckle, fire Fructus Cannabis, senna, mirabilite, cassia seed, lilies.etc.

Avoid eating chilli and spicy food,strong tea, coffee, white wine.

II.Stagnation of QI due to liver depression


  • Stool dry and hard, or not dry and hard very much

  • Desire to go movement but cannot move out, or feel moving incompletely even if it moves.

  • Bowel movement with rugitus(A rumbling sound in the intestines)

  • Abdomen distending is more serious than abdomen pains.

  • Feeling full and stuffed in chest.

  • Deprementia,always sigh

  • Food intake reduces


  • Sadness,grief,or thoughtfulness

  • Sedentariness while less activities

  • Intestinal adhesions after surgery.

  • Injuries from falls hurt stomach and intestines

  • Intestinal worm plot.

Constipation treatment principle: Smooth Qi, remove stagnation

Should and should not:

Should eat insipidity,smooth,moist,Qi-smoothing foods and herbs such as radish, Semen Raphani, Perilla Fruit, almonds, Common Aucklandia Root,Rosewood, Hemp Seed,Chinese Dwarf Cherry Seed,Areca Seed,etc.

Avoid eating gas-producing food and greasy food.

III.Stagnation due to Yin-cold


  • Bowel movement is hard

  • Abdomen pain and spasm

  • Abdomen filled,pain when press

  • Costal region pain

  • Hands and feet feel cold

  • Singultation, vomit


  • Ofen eat chill,cold,cool,raw food. Or use too much bitter and chill medicine. And so hurt Yang Qi

  • People are old,or weak,which cause Yang Qi deficiency.

Because of Yang deficiency in stomach and spleen, no warm can steam body fluid to warm intestinal tract. Thus Yin-cold is accumulated and bowel movement cannot move,forming cold constipation.

Constipation treatment Principle: Warm inside body,dispel cold,defecation, acesodyne.

Should and should not eat:

Should eat food and herbs that warm Yang and dispel cold such as walnut kernel, wheat bran, buckwheat, Desertliving Cistanche, mutton, leek,milk,etc.

Shouldn't eat strong tea,and foods that is raw,cool,cold and chill.

IV. Food stagnation


  • Constipation after improper diet

  • Bowel movement incomplete with gastric cavity swelling and pain, vomit acid water.

  • Vomit undigested food, and pain will reduce afer vomiting.

Causes: Improper diet,usually eating too much.

Constipation treatment principle: Relieve stagnation,defecation.

Should and shouldn't eat

Should eat food and herbs that remove accumulation and relieve stagnation such as hawthorn, Medicated LeavenCradish, radish seed,Immature Orange Fruit,etc.

Should not eat foods that are not easy to be digested such as meat. Don't eat pungent,stimulating food and drinks.

Constipation caused by deficiency

I. Qi(vital energy) deficiency and Yang less


  • Feel tired after meals,stomach and spleen are hurt

  • Weak,Yang Qi is not enough

  • Old and weak,Qi(vital energy) deficiency, Yang decrease

  • Long time illness or post partum,healthy energy is not restored yet

  • Eating too much raw,cool,and cold food and drinks hurts Yang Qi

Qi deficiency cause big intestines to conduct with atony. Yang deficiency cause intestinal track to lose warmth,forming Yin and chill. All these cause bowel movement atony,hard and acerbity.

a. Qi deficiency


  • No bowel movement for several days

  • Move out with atony,not dry

  • Still feel atony even try hard when bowel movement

  • Feel short of Qi when perspiration

  • Feel tired,limbs weary

  • Swirl, hypodynamia

Constipation treatment principle: Supplementing Qi,smooth intestines,defecation.

Should and should not eat:

Should eat food and herbs: Ginseng, Milkvetch Root, Tangshen, corn, yam, sweet potato,millet, pork, beef, chinese date, honey,etc.

Shuld not eat pungent,stimulating food.

b. Yang deficiency


  • Bowel movement dry ,or not dry,hard.

  • Hypodynamia,shortage of Qi

  • Afraid of coldness, limbs feel cold

  • Feel cold and pain in abdomen

  • Waist and knee pain and limp

  • Urine clear and long.Frequent urinating at night

Constipation treatment principle: Warm Yang ,defecation

Should and should not eat:

Should eat food and herbs that warm Yang and defecation such as walnut kernel,wheat bran, buckwheat, Desertliving Cistanche, mutton, leek, milk,etc.

Should not eat strong tea, cold and raw foods.

II. Yin deficiency and Blood deficiency


  • Yin deficiency,body fluid deficiency,blood is not enough

  • After long time illness or post partum,blood and yin are deficiency.

  • Blood loss,too much perspiration,hurt body fluid

  • Old age,weak,blood in Yin is defeciency

  • Pungent,thick taste,dry and hot foods wear down blood in Yin

Blood deficiency causes big intestines less fluid and less smooth. Yin deficiency cause bowel movement dry and hard. All these cause constipation.

a. Blood deficiency


  • Bowel movement dry and hard

  • Face dark,not bright

  • Heart-throb,shortage of QI

  • Insomnia,more dream

  • Forgettery

  • The color on lip and mouth is lighter

Constipation treatment Principle: Nourish blood,moisten dryness,defecation.

Should and Should not eat:

Should eat foods and herbs that nourish blood and moisten intestines such as black sesame seeds,Chinese Angelica Root,Tuber Fleeceflower,Chinese Arborvitae Kernel,mulberry, honey, fruit juice,shrimp,lean meat,etc.

Shuold not eat pungent and cause "fire" foods.

b. Yin and body fluid deficiency


  • Bowel movement dry and hard

  • Becoming thin

  • Swirl,tinnitus

  • Red on cheekbone

  • Feel perturbed,less sleep

  • Hectic fever,night sweat

  • Waist and knees aching and limp

Constipation treatment principle: Nourish Yin, promote body fluid,moisten intestines,defecation.

Should and should not eat:

Should eat foods which contain more dietary fibers, such as coarse cereal, vegetables, fruit. And foods and herbs that nourish Yin and moisten intestines such as sesame seeds, honey, sesame oil, peanut oil,pear, banana, sunflower seeds,pine nut,Chinese Arborvitae Kernel, raw tuber Fleeceflower,Fragrant Solomonseal Rhizome, Dwarf Lilyturf Tuber, Figwort Root,Rehmannia Root,hemp seed, Chinese Dwarf Cherry Seed,etc.

Shuld not eat stimulating food and drinks such as strong wine, strong,tea,chilli,etc.

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