Constipation Prevention

The followings are some ways of constipation prevention

  • Drinking enough water: An adult should drink at least 8 cups each day

  • Lots of dietary fiber intake: An adult should ingest 20-35g dietary fiber each day.

  • Forming the habit of movement: Regular movement will propel foodstuffs through intestines.

  • Walking more than 20-30mins each day. This will make intestines wriggle more, especially helpful to pregnance women

  • Sitting back,relax. Listening some sprightly music.Laughing as possible as you can. There will be viberation at belly when you laugh, which is a kind of massge to the bowel.

  • Be careful when using medicine or supplements,especially acid agent which containing Calcium or aluminum, Antihistamines,tranquilizers,tricyclic type stimulants.All these may trigger or aggravate constipation.

  • Be careful about some food. To some people, milk will aggravate constipation while for some others,it will cause diarrhea. If you got colon spasm,avoid eating foods that are easy to cause exhaust such as beans,white cauliflower and brocoli,etc.

  • Reducing quantity of food intake to avoid expand alimentary track.

  • Don't use excessive force.It'll cause Hemorrhoids and anal fissure, blood pressure increase and heart rate reduce.

  • Sitting on toilet for self-training. It's the right time to go for bowel movement after meals. Try sitting on toilet 10mins after a meal.

  • Using nature purge in case you got temporarily constipation. Nature purge won't make you addiction. You can use it safely, but you need to drink lots of water at the same time.

  • Don't excessive use purgetive medicine,avoiding drug dependence.

  • Going to the washroom when your body has intention of bowel movement. Otherwise,the dejecta in your bowel will become dry,forming constipation.

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