Baby Constipation

Baby constipation symptoms

Your baby got constipation if she/he has the following symptoms.

  • Your baby has fewer bowel movement than usual,or even no bowel movement for 3-4 days.

  • Even if there is bowel movement, the dejecta is dry and hard,and of grain shape.

  • Some babies even have crack and blooding on anus.

Causes of baby constipation:

--Diet Factors:

  • Eat too less,or didn't eat enough sugar. These will lead less dregs after digesting and so less bowel movement.

  • Improper infant milk powder brewing

  • No enough water intake

  • Breeding changing from human milk to cow's milk/infant powder

  • Changing different brands infant powder

  • Begining to add subsidiary foodstuffs

  • Containing too high protein in diet,so the dejecta becomes alkalescence and dryness, causing less bowel movement

  • Containing too much Calcium diet,thus cause constipation. There is more calcium in cow's milk than in human milk. So cow's milk feeding is easier to get constipation than human milk feeding.

  • Baby losing too much water because of activity increase or high temperature. 

--Habit Factor:

  • Irregular life

  • Lacking regular bowel movement training

  • Life environment changing

--Disease Factor: Diseases such as rickets,innutrition, hypothyroidis, anus crack, inflammation around anus,Hirschsprung,etc.

Baby constipation cure,remedies

What to do for baby constipation?

Don't worry, if your infant got constipation take the following treatments.

--Diet adjustion

Most baby constipation is caused by diet. So Most infant constipation will be relieved after diet adjustion.

  • Increase water intake. Ask baby to drink some warm boiled water or glucose.

  • For cow's milk breeding babies, increase sugar to 8% in milk, and increase fruit juice.

  • When baby can eat subsidiary foodstuffs,reduce protein intake,increase fruits and vegetables containing high dietary. Make mashed fruit,mashed vegetable,or cook solid food into mushy stuff.

--Bowel movement habit training

3-month-old or above babies can be trained to regular bowel movement. 1-year-old babies can be tained to squat toilet at a fixed time. Ask babies to go bowel movement after meals.

--At last, the important is,see a pediatric doctor if your infant have special diseases.

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