Bowel Movement Habit Evaluation

By Bowel Movement Habit Evaluation, you can judge whether you've got constipation. Score yourself by answering the following questions.

Question                                                                 Score
1.Q.What's your frequency of bowel  movement?
a1. One or serveral times a day 1
a2. Once a day 2
a3. Once several days 3

a4. 2-3 times each week

a5. About one time each week 5
a6. Less than one time each week 6
2. Q. Do you feel incomplete after bowel movement?

a1. Seldom,or even don't have that feeling. 1
a2. Sometimes having this feeling 2
a3. Often having this feeling 3
a4. Always having this feeling 4
3. Q. Do you feel difficult when doing bowel movement?
a1. Very difficult 4
a2. Difficult 3
a3. Sometimes difficult 2
a4. Never feel difficult 1
4. Q. Do you feel pain when doing bowel movement with effort?
a1. Occasionally or never 1

a2. Sometimes

a3. Ofen 3
a4. Always 4
Total Score

If your score is above 8, this means you've got constipation.

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