1000 Calories Menu Recipes Day 5

Obesity Diet Recipes: Low Fat Low Calories

7-day diet plan-1000 Calorie Menu Day 5 Menu Recipes

1000 Calories Menu Recipes Day 5 Breakfast Menu Recipes

A. Soybean milk,2 cup, see day 2 breakfast A.

B. Steamed Bread,50g, see day 1 dinner A.

C. Soybean sprout salad


   40g soybean sprout,

   10g carrot,

   1 tsp sesame oil

   1/3 tsp salt

   2 small red chili,cut

   1/2 vinegar


   1. a. Clean carrot,cut into shred,set aside

      b. Clean soybean sprout,put carrot shred and carrot shred in a cooker with boiling water,boil for 2mins.Take out,cool in cold water,quickly take out.drain well,place in a bowl.

   2. Add salt,stir,add sesame oil,red chilli sections,vinegar,stir well,marinate 10mins.Serve.

1000 Calories Menu Recipes Day 5 Lunch Menu Recipes

A.steamed rice,(50g rice,142g(4 1/2ounce) after steamed),see day 1 lunch A.

B.White gourd with chicken soup


  150g white gourd,

  50g chicken meat,

  1/2 tsp salt

  1/2 soy sauce

  2 pieces of garlic

  1 tsp scallion,cut into sections

  5g sesame oil

  150g clean water


  1. a. Clean chicken meat,cut into 3cm small blocks.

     b. Boil water and wash the chicken meat(hot water can remove the smell).Rub chicken with 1/4 salt,marinate 20mins.

     c. Clean white gourd,cut into 2cmx2cm slices.set aside.

  2. a.Add 150g water in a cooker,add chicken,scallion section,garlic.

     b. Bring to boil over high heat,continue to boil over low heat for 20mins.

     c. Add white gourd,soysauce,the rest salt,cook 10mins over medium heat.

     d. Turn off heat,add sesame oil,stay for 10mins with cover.

  3. Drink soup and eat meat.

1000 Calories Menu Recipes Day 5 Dinner Menu Recipes

Pasta with stir fried tomato and egg.

50g whole wheat pasta,

50g tomato,

1 egg,

8g olive oil

1/2 shallot,chopped

1/3 tsp salt

1/2 tsp mixed oregano,basil,rosemary and thyme powder, or any other Italian sauce to taste.


1. a. Put pasta in a cooker with water,boil over medium heat until pasta totally cooked.

   b. Cool in cold water and take out at once. Place in a big dish.

2. a. Clean tomato,cut into mouth size pieces,set aside.

   b. Crack the egg in a bowl,add 2 drops of water,stir evenly.

3. a. Heat the oil in a wok until about 110C.

   b. Slip the egg liquid in the wok,wave the wok to make sure the liquid spread the bottom. Cut into small pieces and stir several times.

   c. Add shallot,add tomato,stir fry 2mins.

   d. Add 1 tbs hot water,add salt,simmer 2mins over low heat.

   e. Turn off the heat,add mixed oregano,basil,rosemary and thyme powder.

4. Pour in the dish with cooked pasta,serve. 

Remind: 1000 Calorie Menu is 7-day diet plan only for those obese people who just began their lose-weight diet plan, or those who want to lose weight fast and slim in short term.

As a normal person needs at least 1200 Calories to keep basic activities each day, so no matter what conditions you are in , you shouldn't try this menu for above 2 weeks.

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