Motton with Yam Soup Recipe

Motton with Yam Soup Recipe


200g mutton

50g yam

10g medlar

20g Chinese date

5g ginger,cut into 3 pieces

3g shallot, cut into 2 pieces

1 tsp rice wine

1/2 tsp salt

600g clean water


1. a. Clean mutton, cut into bite size cubes. Quick boil in water to remove mutton smell.

   b. Peel yam,clean, cut into small cubes.

   c. Clean dates and medlar.

2. a. Add 600g water in a cooker,put mutton,dates,rice wine,ginger and shallot.

   b. Bring to boil over high heat,skim the foam.

   c. Continue to cook for 40mins over low heat.

   d. Add yam, salt and medlar, cook 10mins over medium heat.

3. Turn off heat, stay 5mins before serve.

Beneficial Function: Help to cure infertility, waist weak acid, nocturia,sperm less and cold caused by kidney and liver weak,deficient yang on kidney.

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